great one,




are you still feeling the incredible levels of central sun plasma light, coming into the planet?




over the last 12 hours, light forces bombarded the 3d matrix with powerful 40-hertz, 5d, central sun, gamma blasts!


在过去的 12 个小时,光之力量用强大的 40 赫兹、 5D 、中央太阳伽玛爆发轰击 3D 矩阵


also, at approximately 2 hours ago, the 3d timeline was completely collapsed for several minutes and as it merged onto the 5d timeline!


还有,在大约 2 个小时前, 3D 时间线完全崩溃了几分钟,随着它整合到 5D 的时间线


these brief timeline shifts are not 100% sustained yet and are quick, dimensional on and off's for the purpose of slowly stabilizing the new 5d energy around the planet!


这些短暂的时间线转变还无法 100% 地持续,是快速的维度开和关,为了缓慢地稳定新的 5D 能量


what is a time-line shift and why does it show up in the energy around planet earth?




a timeline shift is a literal, temporary state where the universe reverts back to a quantum zero time and zero matter state!


一个时间线的转变是一个暂时的状态 --- 宇宙返回到一个量子零点时刻和零点物质状态


the dark matter point detected in the energy of the cosmos ( the black line on the schumann graph) shows this "switched off" state!




(2019/9/6 P4:26  截取自:http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7)



human level consciousness usually has no awareness or recollection of these time-line shifts, however very-aware beings notice that something shifted and changed and that reality was reset!




if you look very, very close at your reality after one of these resets, material things now exist that never existed before or a thing that you remember existing now, never happened!




it can be a bit perplexing to wrap your mind around this but it is a very real phenomena that billions of people notice!




the mandela effect attempts to illustrate these radical time-line anomalies!














these resets are positive and are required to shift from one dimension up to a faster-vibrating one!




this is all being orchestrated by intelligent, benevolent forces who are doing advanced technical work in etheric realms to assist humanity in their grand evolution!




starseed ascension symptom reports are still in an elevated status!




be sure to deploy protocol pb stardust for aid to your light body! you can find pb stardust information in our previous broadcast!


确保去执行 PB 星尘协议来协助你的光之身体!你可以在我们之前的广播中找到 PB 星尘信息


《光体协议第二阶段》& (光子营养协议、高低振动食品清單)


let us know what ascension symptoms you may be experiencing!




the galactics say we are on on upward path now as this realm is being completely overtaken by blinding white, magnetic central sun light!




this gamma-photonic light instantly activates dormant dna strands to a higher order when it comes into contact with the human genome!


这个伽玛光子之光会瞬间把休眠的 DNA 激活到更高的秩序,当它触及人类的基因


a galactic, new earth civilization is being born right now and the 4.5 billion starseeds of this planet shall guide this new heaven on earth forever more!


一个银河、新地球文明正在此刻诞生, 45 亿星际种子应当指引这个新的人间天堂


it is your paradise and in this new world, such beautiful and amazing things will all be possible for you!




dear one,




it is time to say goodbye to those old lower things and come up higher, as the new earth continues to emerge from the ether!




you have to let it all go now, make a major shift in your life, and start living in a natural and authentic way!




take good care of you and do your inner work more than ever now!




the earth alliance will be passing along several major updates as we move towards a high-vibe, galactic weekend, so standby for super awe-some-ness!




this is truly the greatest time in human history and is what we have work towards for eons!




a new day is finally dawning on planet earth and you are the bringer of it all!




thank you for your great service to all of humanity!









翻译:Nick Chan







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