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Mother Mary viaGalaxygirl, September 4th, 2018





Greetings dear ones, precious children. It is Mother Mary herein this Now moment to bestow my love, my pink ray of comfort and love to younow. Smell the roses, children. Smell the pink roses of heaven sent lightdescending on you now in warmth and comfort, soothing away any fears that maybe present or are being revealed. For now is the time of massive revelation inyour world and you must be strong as these truths shake the foundations ofeverything you have come to understand as real was perhaps not, but was areflection of anothers idea of control. Ah (deep pause).

问候亲爱的孩子们。我是圣母玛利亚,此刻正送出我的爱,把我粉红色光的慰藉和爱给你们。孩子们,闻一闻玫瑰花香。闻一闻天堂的粉红色玫瑰,正把温暖舒适的光洒在你身上,抚慰所有显现出来或正被揭露出来的恐惧。因为在你们的世界里,现在是重大揭露的时候,你必须坚强,因为这些真理动摇了你所理解的一切的基础,因为现实也许是相反的,但它反映了另一种的掌控的观念。啊 ( 暂停 )


Thosewho have been asleep may struggle with this children, and it is up to you ourgrounded team, our strong ones, to lead, to guide, to comfort. And rememberplease that your mentors are standing in the wings eager to jump in, and allwill come to pass ultimately in the most perfect way possible but it may berocky children. Buckle your seat belts and lean into me, lean into Mother God,hold the hands of your higher selves and be at peace in the midst of the storm.For the storm is here children. The galactic wave of plasmaencodements, of the breath of the Mother of all things, is here.



TheDivine Feminine returns with grace and power the bride of Christ fullyrealized. Children, truly you are that bride, for you anchor the codes bridgingtimelines and merging with the Christed monad into a new creation. The DivineFeminine has returned. It is within you children, it is within me, it is myenergy. It is the breath of creation and as you accept this divine power intoyour lives you will see how much more joyful and easy it will be to createanew, for your powers will become and are becoming unlocked.



Soenjoy connecting with your feminine side everyone has one. Perhaps this willbe the most challenging for the men among you who have had challenging heartwounding masculine roles where the crust is a bit thicker around their heartcenter. But children, do you yet see that you dont have to do this alone? ThatI am with you? That I love you and that you are divinely supported and inspiredby the yet unseen realms at all times of day and night if you but let this beso? You are not alone, nor have you eve been. Youre woundings have been greatin this life but our love for you and your love, your higher selfs love foryou is so much greater, as well as your innate ability to heal yourselves, tocall on the divine power of the rays, of the hidden kingdoms of light.



Usethe powers available to you children and you will find that perhaps they werewith you all the time, but you came here with blinders on quite literally so that you could experience the strength of YOU. And children, I know thiswill not disappoint you. You are stronger than you know. Children, you areeverything to me.



Iam your Mother Mary and I send you divine encodements of pink feminine power toyou now. Soak it up and let it in. For you are the bringers of the balance, ofthe heart of the Mother of all things, to be anchored to your new reality ofheaven on Earth. You are bringing this children. You. Allow this message toreach deep into your woundings and coat it with the pink ray of the divinefeminine, to clean, to clear, to heal, and to balance.



Iam your Mother Mary. I love you so much. Thank you for allowing me to connectwith you today.







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