Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters of the earth dimension, a dimension which is undergoing rapid change. Indeed, if you could see it in the same way we are witnessing it evolve, it would almost appear as your time lapse photography appears, the changes would be so rapid, so apparent.


问候,我亲爱的地球维度的兄弟姐妹们 --- 正在经历快速改变的维度。确实,如果你可以在我们见证它进化的方式中看待它,它就像是你们的延时摄影,改变是如此地迅速,如此明显


Jennifer: You’re showing me an image of the planet, but it’s as though it is squeezing and turning, as if it is having contractions.


Jennifer: 你在展示我一副地球的画面,但它好像在压缩和翻转,好像在进行收缩


A: Yes, that is precisely what we wish to convey. There is enormous change and literal, physical movement. This is the last stage of the birth process, which many of you will know is the most painful stage in childbirth. It is to yourselves that you are giving birth.


A: 是的,这正是我们希望传达的。有着巨大的改变以及物理运动。这是诞生进程的最后阶段,你们许多人知道这是分娩时最痛苦的阶段。你在诞生自己


Yes, Gaia is of and in another dimension, the 5D, and you are morphing and changing in real time, evolving with enormous speed, indeed it is now happening faster than we had imagined it would.


是的,盖亚处于另一个维度中, 5D ,你在实时地蜕变和改变,伴随着巨大的速度进化,确实这在比我们想象的要快的速度中发生


I hope that this news will give great comfort to all of you who have held on so long, so strong;you who have endured so much to bring the light to your brothers and sisters, so that they may share this glorious transition, ascension, metamorphosis with you.




It will be glorious. It will be unparalleled, for never before will so many have ascended in form, and so rapidly. Truly, you have all earned your PhD in Spiritual Evolution. You are our A Team!




So please, continue to invoke the light, to ask for help, to accept everything that bubbles up within you, between you and others…. Accept it all.


所以,请继续调用光,请求帮助,接纳从你之内、在你和他人之间浮现的一切 ... 接纳一切


Realise that nothing that you are seeing now is real, or even of this present moment. It is all the outpouring of old, dead history; of vibrations that require release and can only be released when you notice them and let them go.




Let it all go. There is nothing here that you need to bring with you. Within yourself, you have it all.


You are All.




You have our love, our friendship, our assistance and our enduring admiration.




J: Thank you Ashian.


J: 谢谢你, Ashian.



通灵:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan













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