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Humanitys awakening process is opening out, coming into bloom, and therefore extending to all, as always divinely planned and intended. It may seem to you that chaos and confusion are increasing worldwide, but in fact an enormous amount of releasing is occurring. It is a release of all of the denials, of shame, bitterness, judgment, guilt, worthlessness, and self-disparagement that have plagued you since the moment that separation was imagined and the illusion was constructed. And self-disparagement is a big one, frequently leading to grandiosity and arrogance on the part of the one experiencing it, as he desperately attempts to hide and deny his terrifying sense of worthlessness and unlovableness.




To have those very negative feelings ingrained within causes great fear that either leads to emotional collapse and severe depression, or to intense anger and projection onto others. Have compassion for those with whom you interact who are so infected, and there are many of them even yourselves! and intend to send them love, unconditional love, because that is the most effective form of healing that you can offer to others, and it is one of your main reasons for being incarnate in this age of change on Planet Earth. And of course, when you offer love to others, even silently and completely unobtrusively, you are also offering it to yourselves, so do make a point of accepting it.


这些根深蒂固非常负面的情绪导致了巨大的恐惧,要么会领向情绪崩溃和严重的抑郁,要么会领向强烈地愤怒并投射到别人身上。对那些和你交互的,被感染的人富有同情心,有着许多这样的人 --- 甚至是你自己! --- 发送给他们爱,无条件的爱,因为这是最有效的疗愈形式,你可以提供给他人的,这是化身于这个改变时代的主要原因之一。当然,当你提供爱给别人,即使是默默地,完全不显著地,你也在提供给自己,所以接收它。


You volunteered to incarnate and help those in pain and suffering by sharing and extending LOVE to all of humanity. That idea resonates with you, doesnt it? Nevertheless, most of you had completely forgotten your life purpose on Earth the distractions with which it presents you are enormous and now need this reminder to help you get back on course. However appalling the behavior of another or others may be, remember, violent attacks physical, psychic, or emotional are but very desperate cries for LOVE, and you have that in abundance.


你自愿化身,前来帮助处于痛苦和折磨的人,通过分享和扩展爱到全人类。这个想法和你共振,是不是?然而,你们大多数人已经完全忘记了你的人生目标 --- 所呈现的分心是巨大的 --- 现在你需要这个提醒来帮助你回到正轨。虽然他人的行为可能令人惊愕,记住,暴力的袭击 --- 身体,心理或情绪 --- 只是对爱绝望的哭喊,而你有着大量的爱


The fact that you are reading or listening to this channeled material, and to other material with similar messages, should indicate to you very clearly indeed that you chose to be here to assist in humanitys awakening. And I want to remind you that you have limitless support from those in the spiritual realms who are cheering you on, encouraging you with uplifting and inspiring messages, and constantly reminding you of how loved and honored you are.eraoflight.com




Open yourselves to receive the abundance of Love that is offered to you in every moment, and intend to feel Its soothing caress!




When you do, you will feel loved and supported, as indeed you are, and your competence and ability to deal with the unexpected human upsets and disappointments that you experience interpersonal and material issues and problems will amaze you. You are loved, guided, and supported by those in the spiritual realms in every moment of your human life time, just as agreed and promised when you set up your life plan before you incarnated. We have not forgotten our agreements with you and we will continue to honor them fully throughout your human lives.


当你这么做,你会感到被爱和被支持,你确实是,你完全有能力去处理意想不到的人类不安和沮丧 --- 人际关系和物质上的问题 --- 你会惊讶于这个能力。你被精神领域的存在爱着、指引着和支持着,在你生命的每时每刻,就像你化身前制订你人生计划时所同意和约定的。我们没有忘记和你的协议,我们会继续荣耀它们,贯穿你的人生


Go within, to that place of divine peace and love, your holy inner sanctuary, and relax into the energy field that supports you, and all of Gods divine creation, in every moment of your existence, then absorb that pure divine energy, allowing it to empower and motivate you. When you do, without questioning it or attempting to understand it distraction! your own human energy field expands enormously boosting and uplifting all with whom you interact. And that is why you incarnated, to jump-start the energy fields of all with whom you interact in any way at all, and at any time all, from infancy to old age, to assist them to awaken, just as you are doing. Yes, truly, you are awakening.


进入内在,到达那神圣的平和与爱之地,你神圣的内在殿堂,在支持你的能量场中放松,在你存在的时时刻刻中,然后吸收那纯净的神圣能量,让它授权和激励你。当你这么做,而不质疑它或试图理解它 --- 分心! --- 你人类的能量场极大地扩张,推进和提升你所交互的人。所以你化身,来“启动”与你交互之人的能量场,在任何方式,任何时刻,从婴儿到老者,协助他们觉醒,就像你一样。是的,确实,你在觉醒


Everyones energy field is pure Love because Love is your nature, but the distractions and fear that life as a human offers you constantly led many of you from a very early age to feel increasingly unworthy of Love, and so you chose to block your access to It, your awareness of It. The awakening process is the releasing and discarding of that blockage as you come to remember that you are a perfect and beloved child of God, and realization dawns on you that your sense of worthlessness is utterly invalid! For how could a perfect child of God be worthless or unlovable? The idea is insane. God is LOVE, and therefore everything that He creates exists eternally, and without interruption, in that absolutely impregnable state. Nothing can harm you, let alone destroy you, because you are eternally One with your divine Source, the Mother/Father/God, ALL that is. There is nothing beyond or outside this state because there is no beyond or outside.




Of course, as humans, asleep and dreaming of pain, suffering, separation, abandonment and worthlessness, that truth is very difficult to accept. The dream, or more often the nightmare, seems totally real because you feel the pain and the suffering. But you have all, as humans, also had painful and terrifying nightmares from which you have awoken perhaps in terror and shock to immediately realize that what you dreamt and believed in the moment was real was in fact completely unreal, even though as you went through it that most definitely did not appear to be the case. What a relief to wake up and let the memory dissolve and dissipate!eraoflight.com


当然,作为人,沉睡,梦着痛苦,折磨,分离,抛弃和无价值,这个真理难以接纳。梦境,或者说是噩梦,看似完全真实,因为你感到了痛苦和折磨。但作为人,你也会从痛苦和可怕的噩梦中醒来 --- 也许在惊吓和震惊中 --- 立即意识到你所梦到的,当时所相信为真实的,实际上是完全地虚幻,即使你经历了它,那绝不会成真。醒来是多么地让人舒缓,让记忆消失,消散


So, when you awaken into Reality, as you inevitably will, all memory of pain, suffering, worthlessness, unlovableness, bitterness, and fear will dissolve to be replaced by infinite peace and joy. Your Fathers Will for you, and your own, because it is identical to His, is eternal peace and joy. That is the state into which you were created, and which you have never left. Dreams and nightmares end. Reality is eternal, timeless, a state of utter and endless bliss into which you will awaken.




Your loving brother, Jesus.




原文: https://eraoflight.com/2017/09/05/yeshua-you-are-loved-guided-and-supported-by-those-in-the-spiritual-realms/

通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan




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