Good morning dear one! Greetings on this beautiful day from Lao Tzu, your family, teacher, and ancient friend.




I come to you this day to speak to you about Divine wisdom, about your ability to align with the source of All That Is, regardless of the time of the day, or the particular situation you need to face, or what type of decision and action you might need to take.




All you need do to arrive there is to let go of the fear and the doubts that you have in your sweet selves. When you release the anxieties and then quiet your busy minds, then you feel yourselves sinking into that deep peace and reassurance where the answers you are seeking are always present. Listen and heed that inner wisdom by taking the appropriate steps and actions!




Then follow that peaceful feeling with every step forward you take and, if needed, pause and sit in silence for a moment to receive further guidance and direction. Your heart knows how to lead you, for there is a simple and easy way to be love and light!





For the most part, there is nothing you really need to do other than to just to be! Yes, your human minds want to make it difficult and complicated. But know that it takes only a few moments to recognize and release a misconstruction and ones’ old programming and false beliefs, thus allowing you to emerge back into the lightness and peace.




When there is any conflict or a sense of heaviness within, then that needs to be addressed as soon as possible and without judgment, for the goal is always to return to peace and joy.




It doesn’t matter if you have shifted into a place and space within yourself that is of the old matrix, with or without an apparent external stimulus. What is important is that you see the need to work on yourself until this part of thee is completely purified and then brought into alignment with the rest of high vibrational You.


如果你转变到内在旧矩阵的空间或境地 --- 有或没有外在的刺激 --- 并不重要。重要的是你看到需要致力于自己,直到你的这个部分被完全净化,然后与你其他高振动的部分对齐


Call on the LaHoChi, which are extremely and efficient purifying energies, or ask me to come and show you the easy and effortless way to be in the world but not of the world.


呼唤 LaHoChi--- 极其有效的净化能量,或请求我前来展示你轻松且简单的方式去处红尘而不染红尘


Letting go of any expectations, of any egotistical wants or desires allows you to move and flow swiftly with your purpose and divine plan. Trust this process, and your higher selves direction, for the ultimate goal is to take you to your absolute freedom.




In love and peace, I bid you farewell!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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