Jennifer: Ashian, are you there and are you willing to discourse?


Jennifer: Ashian,在吗?你愿意出来说话吗?


Ashian: We are always present and willing to engage with you and others who wish to partake actively in the Ascension project which is underway. We understand that you feel as though you are still waiting, and yet…there is so much afoot that the ‘behind the scenes’are coming forward, on to the screen.


Ashian: 我们总是“在家”并愿意和希望积极参与正在进行的扬升项目的所有人接洽。我们明白你感到好似你依旧在等待,但是 ... 许多“在幕后”进行的东西正在出现,来到大银幕上


What has been hidden is now leaking out and the signs and signifiers that you have been awaiting are about to increase and intensify, in this period of the run up to the Lion’s Gate, a time of well-documents expansion and ascension energies.




We would recommend that all of you begin (if you have not done so already) to prepare in earnest for the great changes about to come.




J: While that’s very exciting, what exactly do you suggest we do to prepare? More than the constant clearing of our core issues, projections, fears and distortions?


J: 虽然这很激动人心,你建议我们具体去做些什么准备呢?不仅仅是不断地清理我们的核心问题、投射、恐惧和失真?


A: We would suggest that you search for forgiveness within; is there anyone you still need to forgive? Is there any event that you still need to reconcile yourself to in order to free yourself of energy that is bound up in that event? This would be our first suggestion.


A: 我们会建议你去搜寻内在的宽恕;还有没有你依旧需要宽恕的人?还有没有你依旧需要去调解的任何事件,以便自由于将你捆绑于那一事件的能量?这会是我们的第一个建议


J: And your second?


J: 那第二个呢?


A: Our second is to come into a state of love, an attitude of love, an expression of love, as a conscious, living meditation;minute by minute, day by day.


A: 第二个就是进入一种爱的状态、爱的态度、爱的表达,作为一个有意识、活生生的冥想。时时刻刻,日复一日


While we emphasis this we understand that it is hard for you to grasp the extreme importance of holding this vibration of love consistently. You, the Light holders, are about to be called upon to demonstrate love beyond the 3D boundaries of love in the coming times.


虽然我们强调这些,我们也明白你难以领悟恒常保持这一爱之振动的极度重要性。你,光之保持者,就要被呼唤去展示超越 3D 爱之界限的爱


By this we mean, there will be an unprecedented out pouring of sludge that has been hidden from you, which will spark others to hate, shame, pain and anger. It will be for you, the Light holders, to stand forth in your leadership –hard earned after years of apprenticeship –to show a higher path.


我们的意思是,会有一个一直隐藏在你们之内的史无前例的污泥倾泻,这会引发他人去仇恨、羞愧、痛苦和愤怒。这会是你,光之保持者,在你的领袖能力中站出来 --- 在多年的学徒期后辛苦获得 --- 来展示一条更高的道路


Moreover, the ability to hold a consistently loving demeanour changes your light vibrational profile, meaning that the amount of energy you can assimilate in times of energetic spikes –like the Lion’s Gate –will increase significantly, gifting you with greater insight, clarity, inner peace and wisdom.


此外,能够始终如一地保持一个有爱的姿态会改变你的光之振动,意味着你可以在能量高峰期吸收的能量值 --- 比如狮子门 --- 会显著增加,赐予你更大的洞见、明晰、内在平和与智慧


My sisters and brothers, you are in your final initiation stages. You are in the moments of change for which you have long yearned. Now is the moment of demonstrating the very best of who you are, for it will ease your ascension and all who reside upon Gaia, as it stabilises the highest vibrational tone or frequency of both Gaia and ‘Gaians’.




J: Do you have any closing comments to make?


J: 你有什么总结言论要添加吗?


A: Only a reminder that, as chaotic as everything that now transpires may seem, you are all deeply loved, protected, nurtured and revered in the spirit realms; that love is soon to be made manifest and tangible in your personal lives, in your very hearts and bones.


A: 只有一个提醒,虽然正在发生的一切看似混乱,你们都被精神领域深爱着、保护着、滋养着和尊敬着。那个爱很快就会显化,在你的个人生活、心和骨头中变得有形


Soon, very, very soon, you are to know the love of which we speak. In that moment, everything will make complete sense and you will be overjoyed at all that you have created and healed through your dedication and selflessness.




We leave you with this happy postcard from your near future, our now.


我们伴随着来自你不久将来 --- 我们的现在 --- 的这张快乐的明信片离去


J: Thanks Ashian.


J: 谢谢, Ashian.



通灵:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan














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