Become simple to see the Light inside everything.Look into the eyes of people around you and talk to them silentlyoffer your gratitude for the light they shine on you.Thentake a look at the paths in your lifethe ones you have passedfind the magic inside every step you have been throughembrace all the moments you have passed through.Cuddle with compassion whatever that needs to be embraced with compassion.


Being aware of how much there is to celebratebe grateful forknowing the hands stretched out to youallowing healing to pour into whatever you think needs itcontinue to breathe.Move towards silence among the voices around youwait there to notice the music that is playing there in harmony and surrender to that musicto the guidance of that silenceremain there in gratitude.Watch the roads you have passesnotice the blinks on those roadstake those shimmers to illuminate your nowto crystallize whatever there is.Let it pour as healing.


Inside the silencein tranquilityin your now understand what it is to be a healermagiciancreator.Most importantlythe steps you take on planet earth and the costume of being a human.Know your fellowshipdistribute peacewhoever needs it the power of your words shall embrace that person.Embrace with gratitude your simplest self.



Love and Light

Archangel Raphael


通靈:Gulcin Onel(Mavinin Sesi)

翻譯:Nick Chan





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