Ashian: Jennifer has asked that we elaborate on the importance of your vibration in first - and second and third and...!- contact.


Ashian: Jennifer 请求我们详细述说你们振动的重要性,按步骤来,第一步,第二步,第三步 ... 接触


Have you ever walked from a dark room into a room where all the lights are on? Or emerged from a tunnel into bright sunshine? Or been blinded by the sunlight reflected off the rain or snow on the ground?




This is what can happen during our initial meetings, a feeling of needing to turn away in order to absorb the increased energy. The more work you are able to do on yourself, the closer your vibration will match ours, so the less disorienting and overwhelming the first experiences will be.




Now, I do not presume to say that you are not doing your work; that is very, very far from the truth. If you had not worked so diligently and selflessly, this conversation would not even be possible.




You are not learning, you are not students; what you are doing is nuancing. You are learning to finesse your reactions into responses. You are like elite athletes now, such is the degree of self awareness and openness to love among the light worker community.




So we are not saying 'work harder, clear more,' we are saying 'move lightly, re-tune yourselves subtly'.You are not likely to have full blown arguments or become violent. You are more likely to not trust how masterful you are.




Trust in your own mastery. Embrace your worthiness of this job, this task, this galactic honour. This is your finest hour. This is our finest hour, coming together.




As you keep retuning yourselves to the bandwidth of peace, compassion, acceptance and love - no matter what happens around you - you are in Mastery mode. You are the teachers of those that come behind you and you have earned this honour.


随着你不断调整自己到平和、同情心、接纳、爱的频宽 --- 无论周围发生什么 --- 你处于精通模式。你是身后人的教师,你获得了这个荣誉


I would also like to add that it is not just you who are affected by vibrations, we are too.




Have you ever come away from a retreat and found the noise and lights of the world 'out there' to be too harsh for you? Have you ever finished a wonderful mediation and found the rudeness, thoughtlessness and loudness of others overwhelming?




This is how it can feel for us. It is not so much what people say or do, it is the energy field that is their signature that we can find ... disorienting, or overwhelming.


这就是我们会拥有的感受。这和人们会说或做什么没什么关系,我们会感知到的是他们的能量场(信号) ... 是混乱的或压倒性的


It is for this reason that I will repeat what I said in a recent transmission; the higher your vibration, the longer we can spend together in the initial stages.




After 'The Event' as many are calling it, or the return to one, or the jump, this will not be an issue, as we will have harmonised together. And then, how much fun we shall enjoy together!




Jennifer: Thanks Ashian


Jennifer: 谢谢, Ashian


A: It is with great pleasure we serve you, our brothers and sisters of Gaia.


A: 伴随着巨大的愉悦,我们前来服务你,我们盖亚之上的兄弟姐妹



通灵:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan









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