Healthy boundaries facilitate empowerment rather than rescuing.One supports authentic powerthe other perpetuates victim consciousness.It is perfectly appropriate and beautiful to help one anotherin factwe love you for your tender hearts and caring nature! We just urge you to make sure it is for the greatest good of all involved.




A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you never become more invested in another"s wellness than they are in their ownand to never become more invested in another"s wellness than you are in your own.Support and encouragement upliftwhile rescuing or doing for otherswhat they can very well do for themselvesreinforces the illusion of their powerlessness.




Isn't it time to not only shinebut to also encourage others to shine in their divine capabilityas well? Then you will be in a beautiful spiral of upliftmenta dance of support and empowermentthat allows everyone involved to thrive.~Archangel Gabriel







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