Greetings dearest brothers and sisters! Greetings! I Am AA Gabrielle, I am Lily of Love, Trumpet of the Truth, I am your family assisting you with your communication skills as the messengers of the Mother/ Father/ One.


问候,挚爱的兄弟姐妹们!问候!我是大天使加百利,我是爱的百合花,真理的小号,我是你的家人,前来协助你的通讯能力,作为母亲 / 父亲 / 一的信使


I am the bringer of the news, just as you are bringer of the new and bringer of the news to all. And there are so many ways and so many beautiful forms of bringing truth and love to others. There are so many ways that you can bring others healing and hope for a beautiful and more exciting life lying ahead of them.




There are so many that have decided at the soul level that they have had enough, that these changes are way too harsh for them, and so they wanted to come home in the old-fashioned way, shedding their bodies and coming home. But there are also many that are seeing and hearing you and want to stay because they want to continue to learn and expand in this new high vibration world.




You see, you give them hope and a great example to refer to, so they, too, can move ahead, releasing their old patterns of behavior. They are intrigued by your stamina and strength. They can see the light in your eyes, and certainly, they are sensing the glowing energy and the love that flows through your entire being.




I am here to encourage thee to move forward with courage. I am here to nudge thee to take those first steps in a new direction. Yes, all of you here reading and listening to this message, all of you are great communicators of the Mother’s messages of love and light.




Some of you are channeling information from us, some of you are bringing healing energies from the higher realm, and some of you are great conduits of light and love. Others are bringing love through songs and writing, or simply radiating that love in silence and intending to touch and assist many people whom they meet along their paths. And some of you are doing all of it, infusing love in your meals while preparing them for family and friends, or buying groceries and paying your bills.




But now it is the time for you to stretch your comfort zone and expand these skills even further. That means that some of you might want to speak out exposing darkness, shadiness and things that no-one wanted to look at, let alone wanted to talk about. While others might want to come and bring in different knowledge and information that has never been brought in before because the human mind was not ready to accept and understand it.




This is what it means to be the leaders of the new world that you are building and that you are now asked to step forward and speak about. Of course, you need to use prudence and discrimination, using your heart’s knowing as to when to delay conveying some information, and when to communicate parts or even full layers of the truths to the ones that are asking you.




I am here with thee dearest hearts, I am here to open up further your communication pathways, to remove your fears and doubts about whether you can assist others successfully in this process of renewal and rebuilding of Nova Earth.




You are the bringers of the truth, you are clear channels of love and light in many beautiful and clear ways! Know this and step forward in trust and love!




I will leave you now with my effervescent golden bubbles of love and joy! Farewell!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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