Dear Ones,




You are busily adjusting to new emotions, physical shifts, and intellectual AHAs. Throughout this phase, you will likely feel like an emotional yo-yo.




Even though you are physically, emotionally, and intellectually quite able to integrate these pieces into a new whole, at times, you will feel as if you are on extreme overload. For not only are you shifting throughout your being, so are those of 3D, creating chaos that may seem overwhelming.


即使你在身体上,情感上,智力上能够把这些碎片整合到一个新的整体,有时候,你会感到好似你极端地过载。因为不只是你在转变,那些 3D 的人也在转变,这创造了看似压倒性的混乱


Our past messages indicated that those wishing to remain of 3D would be even more adamant about displaying 3D emotions and actions – while those beginning to shift and those of you at the forefront would slip from 3D control.


我们过去的信息表明,那些希望留在 3D 的人会更固守于展现 3D 的情绪和行为 --- 而那些开始转变的人和你们处于最前沿的人会脱离 3D 的掌控


It is a time of 3D destruction. The phase that follows, which begins after the July 2018 eclipses, is that of the 5D rebuild.


这是 3D 被摧毁的时间。接下来的阶段,在 2018 7 月的日 / 月食后开始,就是 5D 的重建


As that rebuild begins, you will often feel as if it is hopeless, as if those with 5D or beyond intentions will never be stronger than those solidly enmeshed in 3D. But day by day you will begin to see progress occurring within hours instead of years or decades. For large groups and communities will turn their backs, so to speak, on 3D control. Forcing those of 3D control to fight back dramatically until their fight seems to be a parody or comedy of life as the world moves into love and joy.


随着这个重建的开始,你会经常感到没有希望,好似那些拥有 5D 或其上意图的人永远无法比那些坚实地沉浸于 3D 的人更加强大。但一天天地过去,你会开始看到进展发生在数个小时之内而不是几年或几十年。因为大型团队和社区会背对 3D 的控制,可以这么说。迫使那些 3D 控制的人戏剧性地反击,直到他们的战斗好似一个模仿秀或喜剧,随着世界进入爱与喜悦


Even though such does not seem possible today, it will happen.




So let us turn to your shifts of the next few days. Your emotions, even your physicality will experience wide swings. Not to punish you but instead created by you to determine who you are.




As has always been true of earth beings – even though you are evolving, you continue to be an earth being – you find it difficult to select something without experiencing it to some degree. So your emotional, intellectual, and physical swings the next few days are helping you choose you.


就像对地球存在来说一直都是真的 --- 即使你在进化,你依旧是一个地球存在 --- 你发现难以选择一些东西而不在某种程度上体验它。所以你的情绪、智能和身体波动在接下来的几天会帮助你选择自己


You will find yourself knowing that you like that, but not this. So it is you are rebuilding you.




Imagine the next few days as the difference between building a crude mud hut, as was true in your 3D world, or creating a home of extreme personal beauty and pleasure. For the hut protected you from the elements but did not satisfy your inner need for beauty and self-care.


在接下来的几天想象一下,在建造一个粗糙的泥巴小屋(在 3D 中就是如此)和创造一个极具个性美与令人愉悦的家之间的区别。小屋能够保护你免受自然元素的干扰但无法满足你内在对美丽和自我关怀的需求


You are creating yourself anew and are doing so not out of fear as you have for eons, but of joy and fun – your new creation components.


你在重新创造自己,在并不是出于恐惧地这么做着,而是出于喜悦和乐趣 --- 你新的创造组件


Your question the next few days is “Who am I?” Once you determine that, you will expand your energy to help those reconfiguring structures.




As has always been true, you are the key component to creating something perfect for you. Then and only then, you will expand those energies to create for the masses – either physically or through energy sharing.


就像一直都是真的,你是为自己创造完美东西的关键组成部分。只有到那时,你会扩张那些能量去为群众创造 --- 要么物理上要么通过能量分享


Before this transition, the masses were more important than the individual. Masses controlled in fear by a few.




New Earth and new you are exactly opposite for if you allow or encourage others to control you, you are merely exchanging one 3D world for another; allowing someone to determine what is good for you based on what is most rewarding for them.


新地球和新的你恰好相反,因为如果你允许或鼓励他人去控制你,你只是在把一个 3D 世界转换成另一个;让他人决定什么对你来说是好的,基于对他们来说什么是最有回报的


In 3D, the question of who you are was voiced but never acted upon for those in control could not have you declaring complete freedom. So you continued lifetime after lifetime changing the rules here and there but always under the control of someone’s dictates.


3D 中,你是谁的问题被表达,但从未起作用,因为那些处于掌控的人不会让你宣称完全的自由。所以你继续一生又一生地改变这里那里的规则,但总是处于某些人规定的掌控之下


For the first time on earth, you are claiming your self-contained being and doing so by adding segments of your past, present, and future beings. The next few days are merely you creating a new whole from the segments or colors you now have available.




Thinking in terms of each segment having unique skills and therefore colors, you are creating a new you painting of great pleasure. Some of you will discover that you prefer watercolors to oil paints and others different mediums but all creating images easily changeable until you create the perfect image, blending colors, or discarding this and that much as someone creating a sculpture would.




Exploring those new skills will be your chaos of the next few days. Putting a bit here, painting or cutting over it, selecting another color, emotion, entity, or segment until it is just right.




So it is the next few days, you will be revamping all your personal bits and pieces into the complete being required for your new you role of joy. Do not be frightened anymore than is true for an actor testing how to best present his or her lines, a sculptor cutting away the stone, or a painter testing images and colors.




You are creating you in every joyful way possible. Even though doing so may seem a bit frightening for it is a change without an earth precedent. Allow it to be without fear. So be it. Amen.




翻译:Nick Chan





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