Greetings,great beings of light!




Are you ready for another super-galactic weekend?




Can you feel these powerful vibrations?




Light codes are buzzing super-high and streaming in strong right now!


光密碼嗡嗡作響,現在強烈的流動 !


Major inbound light forces transmission underway as etheric energies around the planet are expected to elevate to a max-state over the next 72 hours!


在接下來的 72 小時內,地球周圍的乙太能量將被提升到一個最高的狀態,主要的入射光力量的傳輸正在進行中 !


The earth alliance reports planetary liberation operations have now moved into a new phase and an epoch in human evolution is in progress where a move to personal sovereignty is starting to take place on a mass collective level!




As the great awakening continues,the human spirit is rising up and the sound of freedom is ringing all across this world!


隨著大覺醒的繼續,人類的精神正在升起,自由的聲音響徹整個世界 !


Standby for details in upcoming decoded light forces transmission from the earth alliance!


等待地球联盟即将到来的解码光力传输的详细信息 !


Full-speed ahead as we move closer to the grand event 2020 culmination!


2020 年高潮即将来临,全速前进




一路顺风 ,


Michael and pleiadians




原文: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=2559979720917966&set=a.1382262358689714

資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/zhuixindongtai/41404.html




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