You are have only just begun



Have patience with yourself and the process as it unfolds in its most perfect timingand do not give up.Your angel guidance is to remember that sometimes the process takes longer than expected so be gentle with yourself.Open your heart and your mind and have compassion for yourself and life's unfoldingbut most of all access the wisdom within you that recognizes the Divine in everyone and everything including and sometimes most importantly in yourself.It is often easier to see this for others and not offer the same courtesy to your own life.



Know that youyour loved onesand your possessions are safe and protected by the angels.If you don"t feel that way alreadyask Archangel Michael to surround you with his protective light and send him to also be with those you loveand those in need.Trust in yourself and the beauty that is you and know that when you are true to yourself you spread much lightjoy and freedomand empower others to find the beauty in themselves and their own power and light.



Affirmation: "My life is blossoming and unfolding at the perfect rate.I am safe and surrounded by the loving light of Archangel Michael and all is well."



And so it is



You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides




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