Detoxification of mind, body, and spirit




This is an ideal timefor a cleansing and detoxification of your physical body as well asyour mental and emotional bodies and become more aware of thethoughts and feelings you hold and carry as your truth. Treatyourself with the care and put in the time it takes as you areworth it. Nourish yourself and your soul withobjects and activities that mirror this new you that has beenemerging. Spend some time near water, such as a lake or a stream,or the ocean as this will help to clear you, as well as get yourfocus and recharge your batteries with new ideas and outlook as youare about to enter a new phase in your life.




Learning to monitoryour thoughts and feelings and becoming aware of the affirmationsyou are using about yourself, your life and your projects to see ifyou are not sabotaging your efforts to create a better life. Keepyour thoughts, feelings and actions focused on supporting you andyour growth. As you become more conscious of yourself and yourlife, you may find any areas that were not previously working nowhave the room to grow. Often times it is the thoughts that you arekeeping about yourself and your goals that are blocking theirmanifestation.




Affirmation: "Bymonitor my self-talk, thoughts and feelings and using the processof transformation to assist me, my life is changing and I am seeingthe desired results manifesting for me."




And so itis




You are dearly loved andsupported, always, the angels and guides





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