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the schumann resonance chart is reflecting intense vibrational activity in the earth’s ionosphere which occurred several hours ago!




operation freedom earth has moved into high gear now as 5d beings are blasting the earth’s magnetic field with high-vibrational, gamma light from every angle!


解放地球行动已经进入高潮,随着 5D 存在用高振动的伽玛之光从四面八方轰炸地球的磁场


earth starseeds are reeling with ascension symptoms this evening as their auric fields were strongly impacted by today’s powerful light influx!




delta global security forces are on super-high alert as we edge closer a major ascension event on planet earth!




every country on earth has a secret, elevated security level tonite as the old 3d matrix continues to be taken apart by the high-frequency light coming in!


地球上每一个国家今晚都启动了一个秘密的、提高的安全等级,随着旧 3D 矩阵继续被正在进入的高频之光撕碎


a very nice but barely conscious human stumbled across one of our angelic messages today and asked this question to me:




is all of this stuff you speak about, real michael…because when i look out into the world i only see terrible 3d stuff!”


“你所说的所有这些东西,说真的,麦克 ... 因为当我看向世界,我只看到可怕的 3D 东西”


here is what i say about this: “to be able to see celestial things and to experience literal magic and beauty, one must simply resonate with it!”those majestic things do not exist on 3d earth other than in nature! nature is 5d all the way!


我是这么说的:“要能够看到神圣的事物,体验魔法和美丽,一个人必须与它共振。”那些庄严的事物并不存在于 3D 地球,除了在大自然中!自然就是 5D


if you see or experience any of these beautiful things while your feet are on the ground, you are not on 3d earth, but 4d or 5d earth!


如果在双脚踏地的时候看到或体验到了任何这些美丽的事物,你并不在 3D 地球上,而是在 4D 5D 地球上


all dimensions exist at the same time in the same place! the only space and time that exists is now and here and there is a 3d version of here and now and a 5d version!


所有维度在同一时间存在于同一个地方!唯一存在的时间空间就是此时此刻,有着 3D 版本的此时此刻,有着 5D 版本的此时此刻


the reality you experience depends on how fast your atoms are vibrating!




4d resonates at 7.5 hertz and 5d resonates beginning at 40 hertz! the light coming in that is pegging 40 hertz on the schumann resonance chart is for the purpose of elevating the consciousness of the beings here so they then can perceive that higher, nicer or more magical reality!


4D 7.5 赫兹共振, 5D 40 赫兹开始!正在进入的光,在舒曼共振图上固定在 40 赫兹的,是为了提升处于这里的存在的意识,这样他们可以察觉到更高、更好或更神奇的现实


only higher vibrational starseeds that are close to, or matching this 40 hertz frequency can see a 5d reality and all the celestial things, and the magic and glory that comes with it!


只有更高振动的星际种子接近或匹配这个 40 赫兹的频率,可以看到 5D 的现实和所有神圣的事物,以及随之而来的魔法与荣耀!


it would be impossible for an unconscious human to believe in anything we say, let alone see what we are speaking of!




a 3d vibrational being has no concept of 4d, let alone 5d! these higher dimensions do not exist for them literally so how could they believe in it?


一个 3D 振动的存在没有 4D 的概念,更不用说 5D !这些更高的维度对他们来说并不存在,所以他们如何能相信!


we tell you the truth, angels are real, ets are here, their ships are everywhere around the earth, the ascension is triggering and a major consciousness shift known as the event is going to occur any moment, not months or years from now!




all that we say is real and it is true regardless of who resonates with it and we are here to be a living witness to it all! we have been designated for a purpose to deliver these galactic messages from the earth alliance to the starseeds of earth!




a huge planetary shift in consciousness is underway, dear one! do you believe it? are you experiencing it?




be assured that you will fully integrate the powerful central sun light data that’s coming in and you are going to notice the most profound expansion of consciousness you ever have!




a cosmic freedom celebration is coming to the earth as galactics arrive from every corner of the universe for the grand fireworks show tha’s building on this planet!




a new earth is dawning for mankind and you are the bringer of it! you are the angel and the et and the higher being we keep speaking of! there are many dimensional versions of you that exist right here and right now and so you may be coming from the sky but you are also standing on the ground! you are about to have a close encounter with the highest being that ever existed and we are super excited about it!




we salute you for all you have done to assist here!




the great sacrifices you have made in all of your incarnations here have not been in vain and as we have said, you will inherit the new earth and heaven as your very own!




all hands on deck and steady as we go!




let us know how you are doing on your grand spiritual journey and tell us what ascension symptoms you are experiencing!









通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan




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