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Perception Perfection







 Throughout my work with Past Life Patterns I have cometo notice a common thread throughout them all. This common thread is wovendeeply in all past life experiences, and I call it Perception Perfection. Whatis Perception Perfection? It is the quest to control how other people willperceive of you. Each one of us is trying in some way to provide others with acontrolled perspective on who we are.


贯穿我整个前世模式的工作中,我逐渐注意到所有模式中的一个共同之处。这个共同之处深深地交织在所有前世模式经历中,我把它称为“完美感觉”( PerceptionPerfection )。什么是“完美感觉”呢?就是追求控制其他人对你的感觉。我们每一个人都在以某种方式为他人提供有关“我们是谁”的一个在控制之下的展现。





Everything you do conveys something to the world and tothe people around you. Most of the time, the controlling factor behind why wedo what we do is rooted deeply in our subconscious. Based on our unique andindividual past life history, we have lived through hundreds (or more) oflifetimes. What you have experienced most frequently within those lifetimes,becomes the foundation for your specific mix of 3 to 5 primary Past LifePatterns.


你做的每一件事情都向世界向你周围的人们传达着一些事情。大多数时间,在为什么我们做那些事情的背后的控制因子深深地根植于我们的潜意识中。基于我们独特的个人前世历史,我们已经生活了几百世(或者更多)。你们在那些生世里最频繁经历的事情成为了你的 3-5 个主要前世模式的特定组合的基础。


Each one of the past life patterns, carries a differentexpectation of being judged. Those various expectations of judgement can bephysical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof. Whateveryou have an expectation of being judged about, is also representative of theways in which you subconsciously judge yourself. That is the part that is sotricky.




Because much of our judgement is subconscious, we donot recognize it at first. However, if you instead begin to have awareness ofyour own mind chatter, and what thoughts/expectations you have about the perceptionothers could have of you, this awareness can give you a great glimpse into yourown pattern of Perception Perfection.


因为我们许多评判都是潜意识上的,我们最开始没有认出它们。然而,相反地,如果你开始觉察到你自己头脑里的喋喋不休(的主题),并觉察到那些有关其他人对于你可能有什么样的感觉的想法 / 期待,这个觉知可以让你瞥见你自己的“完美感觉”的模式。


Why is it Perception Perfection? Because it is theeffort we make to try to put forth a perfect facade. Sounds like an oxymorondoesn’t it? Well, it is. A facade is a false front, to be thought of like amask; our controlled vision of what we want others to see. However, bydefinition it is impossible to be perfect, because it is hiding exactly what weare judging ourselves for. The more we become aware of what we doesn’t want toshare, the more the facade grows. The more the facade grows, the moresusceptible it is to crack apart under its own perfectionism pressure. Thatpressure to pursue perfection is based on how we are expecting others to judgeus. Here is how that breaks down for each of the 16 Past Life Patterns.


为什么它是“完美感觉”?因为这是我们为呈现一个完美的表象而做出的努力。听起来像是一个矛盾修辞,不是吗?确实是。表象是一个虚假的外表,被认为像是一个面具;是我们控制下的我们想让其他人看到的想象的样子。然而,按照定义,它不能是完美的,因为它恰好隐藏着我们对自己评判的部分。我们越意识不到我们不想分享的部分,这表象就越成长。这表象越成长,它就越容易在其自己的完美主义压力下而碎裂。那份追寻完美的压力是建立在我们如何期待他人评判自己的基础上。下面是 16 个模式中每一个模式的“故障”。


Infidel: wants to be perfectly accepted despite theirviewpoints; fears being judged for their beliefs.


异教徒 : 想要他们的观点被完美地接纳,不管是什么样的观点;



Doll: wants to be perfectly accepted for their body;fears being judged for their appearance.


玩偶 : 想要他们的身体被完美地接纳;



Monk: wants to be perfectly accepted by God; fearsbeing judged for not being holy enough.


和尚 :想要被神完美地接纳;



Victim: wants to be perfectly accepted for beingskilled/smart; fears being judged for being incapable/unintelligent.


受害者 : 想要因有技能 / 聪明而被完美地接纳;

             害怕因没有能力 / 缺乏才能而被评判


Savior: wants to be perfectly accepted for helpingothers; fears being judged for not helping enough people (or for not helpingthe “right” people).


拯救者 : 想要因(乐于)帮助他人而被完美接纳;



Ruler: wants to be perfectly accepted for making thebest decisions for everyone; fears being judged for the outcomes of theirdecisions.


统治者 : 想要因为每个人做了最好的决定而被完美地接纳;



Prophet: wants to be perfectly accepted because of theguidance they provide; fears being judged as being a fraud.


先知 : 想要因他们所提供的指导而被完美地接纳;



Scoundrel: wants to be perfectly accepted despite whatmoral lines they have crossed; fears being judged because of how they haveskirted the law.


恶棍 : 想要不管他们跨越了什么样的道德底线都被完美地接纳;



Merchant: wants to be perfectly accepted because oftheir ability to manage/control resources; fears being judged for notpossessing enough resources.


商人 : 想要因他们能够管理 / 控制资源的能力而被完美地接纳;



Utilizer: wants to be perfectly accepted for theirability to discover/create solutions; fears being judged for not being able tosolve all the problems in their lives/lives of their family.


应用者 : 想要因他们发现 / 创造解决方法而被完美地接纳;

           害怕因没有在他们的生活中 / 家庭生活中解决所有的问题而被评判


Servant: wants to be perfectly accepted for theirwillingness to serve; fears being judged for not doing a good enough job.


服务者 : 想要因他们愿意服务而被完美地接纳;



Unwell: wants to be perfectly accepted for whateverstate of health their body is in; fears being judged for theirillness/condition/disease/dependence on others to care for them.


不适者 : 想要他们的身体健康被完美地接纳,不管身体健康处于何种状态;

           害怕因小病 / 健康状况 / 大病 / 依赖他人来照顾他们而受到评判


Warrior: wants to be perfectly accepted by showcasingpower/strength; fears being judged for being soft/weak.


战士 : 想要因权力 / 力量而被完美地接纳;

         害怕因柔软 / 软弱而受到评判


Outcast: wants to be perfectly accepted unconditionallyfor all parts of who they are; fears being judged (and therefore abandoned) bytheir closest inner circle of friends/family.


弃儿 : 想要因他们身份的所有部分被无条件地接纳;

         害怕被他们最近的朋友圈 / 家庭所评判(并因此而被抛弃)


Agent: wants to be perfectly accepted despite theirchallenges with trusting others; fears being judged by authority or “powersthat be.”


代理人 : 想要被完美地接纳,不管他们有信任他人方面的挑战;



Creative: wants to be perfectly accepted for theircreative expressions; fears being judged as being untalented.


创造者 : 想要因他们的创造性表达而被完美地接纳;



These are just a very small taste of the energeticdynamics for each past life pattern. The more you know about your specificcombination, and which patterns are influencing your subconsous mind chatter,the more you can move out of the fear/expectation of being judged, and into aspace where you use the knowledge of your Perception Perfection to empoweryourself toward self-acceptance. As you can see from each of the sharedexamples, our perception perfection is directly connected to subconsciousexpectations of being judged in a specific manner. Deep down, it is alsoprecisely the way in which we are judging ourselves. The only cure forPerception Perfection is self-acceptance!


这些仅仅是每一个前世模式的能量动态的初步了解。你越了解你的(前世模式)特定组合,以及哪些模式影响你们的潜意识头脑里喋喋不休,你就越能走出恐惧 / 期待被评判,并达到你可以用你“完美感觉”的知识来赋予你自己力量可以自我接纳。就像你可以从每一个分享的例子中看到,我们的“完美感觉”直接与潜意识期待以某种特定方式被评判直接相连。在内心深处,它也恰恰是我们评判自己的方式。“完美感觉”的唯一疗方是自我接纳!


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