As you wait expectantly for humanity’s awakening, be aware that it is imminent even though that may not appear to be the case as you read and digest the daily global news offerings of pain, suffering, and political disharmony. These are indeed interesting times, and it is all too easy to become depressed and disillusioned as those in authority continue attempting to withhold your sovereign freedom and persuade or command you to obey rules and regulations that are socially divisive and which tend to lead to conflict among you. Their desperate attempts to control you all are becoming self-defeating as more and more start to realize that the motives of those in power are almost totally self-serving, and have practically nothing to do with serving humanity’s best interests, despite their claims to the contrary. The time in which the many submit in unquestioning obedience to the few has gone on for far too long and is now reaching its inevitable endpoint.


随着你充满期待地等待着人类的觉醒,意识到它迫在眉睫,即使看起来不是这样,随着你阅读和吸收每天关于痛苦、苦难、政治不和谐的全球新闻。现在确实是有趣的时期,你会非常容易变得沮丧和幻灭,随着那些处于權力位置的人继续试图抑制你的主权自由并说服或命令你去遵从规则 --- 这些规则会造成社会的不和谐,倾向于导向冲突。他们拼命地试图控制你们在越来越多地变得弄巧成拙,随着越来越多的人开始意识到那些处于權力位置的人的动机完全是服务自己的,实际上和服务人类的最佳利益没啥关系,尽管他们声称不是这样。许多人不去质疑地服从少数人的时间已经持续了太久,现在正到达不可避免的结束点


When major changes – ENORMOUS changes – occur in the way that humanity perceives itself, leading to major alterations in the way that people relate to one another, chaos and confusion arise as well because people are being shaken out of their normal daily routines, intensifying the underlying sense of uncertainty that is a major and unsettling aspect of life in form. This is precisely what is happening now all across the world. Global confusion is seriously unsettling for humanity, extremely unsettling, and there are very few among you who are not feeling the uncertainty and anxiety, even fear, as you wonder: “What on Earth is going on, and what is going to happen next.”


当重大的改变 --- 巨大的改变 --- 在人类会感知到的方式中发生,会导致人们与彼此之间关系的重大改变,混乱和困惑也会升起,因为人们在摆脱正常的日常惯例,加强潜在的不确定性(形态生活一个重大和令人不安的面向)。这就是正在全球发生的事情。全球混乱对人类来说非常令人不安,只有很少的人没有感到不确定性和焦虑,甚至恐惧,随着你想知道:“到底怎么了,接下来会发生什么”


You have all grown from infancy to adulthood and quite naturally learned to live in uncertainty to a certain extent – what will the weather be like tomorrow, will I have health problems, does my partner really love me, how will the children cope with school, college, the adult world? – but the uncertainty arising now is far more intense and alarming than anything previously experienced. It seems that things cannot return to what appeared to be ‘normal’ because restrictions on your personal freedom remain in force presently, prohibiting you from meeting with others except in very small groups while maintaining ‘social distancing.’ And maybe you are realizing that you were not as free as you thought you were before the corona-virus, and the restrictions imposed because of it, arrived and changed the way you lived your daily lives.


你们从婴儿到成人的成长过程中相当自然地学会了在某种程度的不确定性中生活 --- 明天的天气会怎样,我会有健康问题吗,我的伴侣真的爱我吗,孩子如何上学、工作? --- 但现在升起的不确定性比起之前体验过的更加强烈和令人担忧。看似事物无法回归“正常”,因为对你个人自由的限制目前依旧有效,禁止你与其他人见面,除了非常小的团体,但依旧要保持“社交距离”。也许你在意识到你不是病毒发生前你认为的那样自由,出于强加的限制,改变了你日常的生活方式


For most of your recorded history small groups of influential people – royalty, aristocracy, religious organizations, and military leaders – have developed systems of rules to control and direct the lives of the masses, in order to provide themselves with a better and more enjoyable standard of living,while forcing those masses to live lives of back-breaking servitude and poverty. Now, as more and more of you become aware of the dishonesty and lack of integrity in so many of those who hold positions of the greatest human power and authority, their ability to maintain control is collapsing as they attempt to impose even more stringent restrictions on your divinely given human freedoms in their desperate measures to maintain the status quo. Their time is over. However, during these final moments there will continue to be major disruptions in the short term in many areas, as they try to enforce their desperate measures.


根据你们大部分记载的历史,一小部分有影响力的人 --- 皇室、贵族、宗教、军事领袖 --- 已经发展出了规则系统来控制和引导集体的生活,以便提供给他们自己一个更好的、更加令人享受的生活标准,同时迫使集体过着累死人的劳役和贫困生活。现在,随着越来越多的人意识到那些当權者的不诚实和缺乏诚信,他们维持控制的能力在崩塌,随着他们试图强加更加严格的限制(对你神赐的人类自由)来维持现状。他们的时代已经结束。无论如何,在这些最后时刻,在短期内在许多地方会有巨大的破坏,随着他们试图加强他们绝望的措施


As you have been told so often by so many wise teachers, Love is the path, the only path that can lead you safely and successfully through the areas of human interaction in which intense disagreement divides you, areas in which it seemed that the only practical resource by which to achieve satisfactory results is through force of conflict. However, conflict only leads to further division and suffering for many, as your history demonstrates very clearly. The vast majority have now realized this, and so the will to engage in conflict is failing, and people are looking for more intelligent ways to resolve divisive issues, and are coming to the realization that what the wise ones have been telling them for a very long time is absolutely valid, namely that LOVE alone is the way forward. It does take courage, in a world where the power of force has ruled for so long, to choose to engage only lovingly with whatever arises, but those who have started to do that are finding that it most definitely does work.




Going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, if you allow yourselves the time to relax there quietly, and be undisturbed by others or by your communication devices, will bring you respite from the concerns and anxieties of your daily human lives. With respite established Love can flow into your hearts demonstrating to you Its effectiveness as your anxieties and concerns become less intense. If you can maintain a regular unbroken or uninterrupted practice of going to that quiet inner space for about three weeks – every day for just 21 days – you will find that you are more at peace with yourselves, less disturbed by unexpected and troubling events or interactions, and you will find yourselves dealing far more calmly and satisfactorily with the everyday issues with which life as a human presents you.


每天进入内在,前往你的圣殿,如果你给予自己时间在那里静静地休息,不受他人或通讯设备的干扰,会缓和你日常生活的担忧和焦虑。伴随着喘息的机会,爱可以流入你的心,展示你它的效力,随着你的焦虑和担忧越来越轻微。如果你能保持一个定期的不间断的练习进入那安静的内在空间,连续三个星期 ---21 --- 你会发现你会更多地与自己处于平和,更少被意想不到、令人不安的事件或交互干扰,你会发现自己更加平静、满足地处理日常问题


Love is the energy field of Life, of Consciousness, of Source, within which all that has been created has its eternal existence. There is nowhere and nothing else. What you are experiencing as humans in form is an unreal state of existence, an idea or concept that you collectively chose to establish purely to experience the unreal and make it appear totally real. The unreal is a state of separation from Love – even though it is impossible to be separated from Love – in which that which is in opposition to or not in alignment with Love appears to be utterly real. It is, as you are well aware, extremely convincing when you are living lives in form, but form itself is unreal, there is only energy – LOVE.


爱是生命、意识、源头的能量场,被创造的一切永恒存在其中。没有别的地方,别的东西。你作为人类形态正在体验的是一个虚幻的存在状态,一个想法或概念,你们集体选择建立来体验虚幻,让它看似完全真实。虚幻是一个与爱分离的状态 --- 即使与爱分离是不可能的 --- 不与爱对齐看似完全真实。就像你意识到的,它非常令人信服,当你生活于形态中,但形态本身就是虚幻的,只有能量 ---


An enormous cognizant awareness of the infinite power of Love is arising within humanity, an awareness that It truly is the only power, and that all other power is unreal and dissolves, disintegrates, fails, when you open yourselves to allow and invite Love to enter. When people choose – everyone has free will and is making choices all the time – to engage with anger, resentment, hatred, judgment, and other unloving feelings or emotions, they are blocking Love from their hearts. It has not gone anywhere, because It is always Present, being the life force that maintains your eternal existence, and by holding onto or clinging to those feelings a person is choosing not to acknowledge let alone welcome Love into their life, into their awareness. While people engage with what is unloving Love waits patiently for as long as it takes for them to change their minds. All will change their minds and choose to remember that Love is their true and eternal nature, because that is the divine Will and, therefore, the will of every sentient being but, being free, they are free to choose when that will be.


对爱无限力量的巨大意识正在从人类之内升起,意识到爱确实是唯一的力量,所有其它的力量都是虚假的,当你敞开让 / 邀请爱进入就会溶解、分解、失效。当人们选择 --- 每个人都有自由意志,时刻都在做出选择 --- 与愤怒、怨恨、仇恨、评判、其它无爱的感受或情感接洽,它们就阻挡了爱从心中浮现。它没有前往任何地方,因为它总是存在,作为维持你永恒存在的生命力,通过紧抓那些感受,一个人就是选择不去认识到,更不用说欢迎爱进入他们的生活、进入他们的意识。当人们与无爱的东西接洽,爱耐心地等待着人们改变主意。所有人都会改变主意,选择忆起爱就是他们真正永恒的本质,因为这是神圣的意志,因此,每个有情众生的意志,但,作为自由的存在,他们可以选择什么时候


Collectively most have chosen to remember their true nature, and that is why so much change is now occurring worldwide. For those who have chosen to awaken – and many are as yet unaware that that is a choice that only they can make for themselves and is indeed one that they have already made – awakening is very close. In these momentous times it is vital that you make sure to set the intent at least once daily to be loving, and only loving whatever arises, and by so doing you most effectively play your own essential and individual part in the wakening process.


集体大部分已经选择忆起他们真正的本质,所以这么多的改变正在世界范围内发生。对于那些选择苏醒的人 --- 许多人还未意识到这是一个只有他们可以为自己做出的选择,而他们已经做出 --- 觉醒非常接近了。在这些重大的时期,非常重要去确保每天至少一次去设置意图成为爱,只成为爱,无论发生什么,这么做你会最有效地扮演在这个觉醒进程中至关重要的个体性的角色


With so very much love, Saul.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan






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