I am KaRa.




It is also a wonderful pleasure to be able to be with you, to share with you, to continue to help you experience all of those things that are not only coming, but are here now.




You are in the advent, in the moments before. And yes, you have heard that before from many different sources. Many of us have been telling you this. Because there are those moments when everything is about to turn, and we see this coming. But then, in those last moments before, something occurs to put what you call ‘a monkey wrench’in the works to stop it from happening.




And those, of course, are those ones that still continue to hold the dark forces within them, still continue to remain in the shadows as much as they can. But they cannot remain there much longer, for the light has shown upon them. And as the light continues to shine upon them, they come out of the shadows. And as they come out of the shadows, mankind becomes aware more and more of them and what they have been doing to the planet and to the people, and to all of life here on the planet.




But that is all to change and about to change. Because, as you know, the truth is coming forward here and there, still just in miniscule amounts at times, but picking up steam, you might say. Because this is all about your collective and individual ascension. It is all about the ascension of the planet, and all of those here on and within the planet as well.




And yes, even those within the planet are going through their process of ascension as well.For as one ascends, all ascends, all that choose to, all that are ready to. And it is a choice for all of you to make. Many of you have already made the choice, or you would not be on this call listening to these words, listening to this guidance we are giving. It is nearly time now for the processes that we have all been working on to move into the next level. And then once that is reached, the next level beyond that, and so on.




Many projects are in the works. You have heard of some of them. We, the Pleiadians, have our projects. The Sirians have theirs that they are working on. The Andromedans, the Antarians, and so on, and so on. We are all working in this together to bring these changes about, to bring life as you know it to an abrupt halt, and for life beyond that to take on an entirely new meaning, an entirely new and higher level of consciousness. And when I say ‘abrupt halt,’I am speaking of the programming that you have been involved with for so long, and that programming is coming to an end.


许多项目正在进行中。你已经听说了一些。我们,昴宿星人,有着我们的项目。天狼星人在致力于他们的项目。仙女座、 Antarians 等等。我们都在共事把这些改变带来,把你所知的生活带向一个生硬的完结,让生活拾起一个全新的意义、一个全新的 / 更高的意识层次。当我说“生硬的完结”,我是在说你涉及很长时间的编程,编程就要完结


Because you cannot move into the higher vibrations, and therefore the higher dimensions, carrying that programming with you, a programming that is in the form of attachments that you have carried lifetime after lifetime, patterns that you have brought into this lifetime. But because of who you are, each and every one of you, being those of the 144,000, being those that continue to work together with the 144,000, all of you, all of you are coming to a point where you will reach the apex, reach the climax to all that you have been working toward. That time is upon you now. The truth will come in many respects. It will be revealed in many respects.


因为带着那些编程,在附着物形式中的编程,你携带了一生又一生,以及你带入此生的模式,你是无法带着它们进入更高的振动、更高的维度的。但出于你的所是,你们每个人,作为那 144000 ,作为继续与 144000 共事的人,你们所有人,都在到达一个高潮,到达你所致力于之物的高潮。时间已经到来。真相会在许多方面出现。它会在许多方面被揭示


Announcements are being prepared at this time to bring some of these truths forward.Many of the things that are happening in the background, and have been for some time, are about to come into the foreground, about to be realized by the collective consciousness, by the public, by all of those of you, both the awakened and those that have not yet awakened but will be awakened from their slumber, just as you were.




Look to the skies, for there are many revealings that are coming forward there as well. Many are already happening, but many more yet shall be revealed to those who are ready to see and have the eyes to see, but have that third eye open. Because it is in the higher vibrations that you will witness the beginning events that are coming.




I am KaRa. I leave you now, all of you, my Brothers, my Sisters, my Dear Friends, to continue to move forward in these times where the shadows, where the darkness is being revealed by the light more and more.




Peace and love be with all of you.





通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan






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