I am KaRa.I come to be with you now at this time in these moments. These are the moments that you have been working toward, waiting for, for a very long time. I want you to think now of a snow-covered mountain. See it in your mind’s eye. A high mountain covered with snow. Something happens to cause a disturbance on that mountain. Snow begins to fall because of that disturbance. It begins to gain momentum, creating an avalanche, rolling, moving down that mountain, taking everything in its path, and gaining more and more momentum as it continues to come down the mountain.




Think of this as an avalanche of truth that is about to begin, a disturbance that I used as an analogy. The level of truth that is coming out that will set all of this in motion will be the disturbance that creates this avalanche of truth. I cannot tell you what that is at this time. Know that it is coming.




It will bring the truth out to so many that have been in the darkness.It will bring more and more people into a more enlightened state of consciousness. Because the truth must be told. The truth will come out. It cannot be stopped. The avalanche of truth cannot be stopped. It is not possible. And as this truth comes out, you will recognize it for what it is. You will recognize it as the disturbance that creates the avalanche, or, the first domino to fall, as an another analogy that has been used before.




Many of you have been waiting for that domino, wondering when it would be. I tell you know, as an emissary of the Pleiadian fleets, and the sister to all of you, my brothers and sisters, I tell you that the wait is almost over. Along with these truths being brought out, as Ashtar said in this last week, other sources have also begun to share, more and more sightings will be had across the planet as the disclosure of our presence is brought to you. As has been said, it is likely to not be the governments that will reveal this.


你们许多人等待着那个多米诺骨牌,想知道什么时候才会倒下。我告诉你,作为昴宿星舰队的一名使者以及你们的姐妹,我的兄弟姐妹们,我告诉你等待马上就要结束了。连同这些真相被带出来,就像阿斯塔在上周所说的,其它的源头也已经开始在分享,越来越多的目击会在世界各地出现,随着关于我们存在的揭露被带给你。正如已经说过的,可能不会是由 府来揭示


It is you, the people of the planet, that will do the revealing. And those of you, the Light Warriors, the ones who are preparing and have prepared, not only anchored the light but who share the light wherever they can, you are the ones who are in line for contact with us.




Of course, much of this has been in your contract before you came here.




So it is not a sense of ‘choose me, choose me,’raising your hand, it is not in that respect that we will contact you.It is in the respect that when you are ready. You have raised your vibrations enough so that we can safely meet with you, not only for our own vibration, but to not overwhelm yours.




You have to understand that higher vibrations coming into a vicinity of low vibration can short out the central nervous system. This is why we, those of us that have been watching over this planet for so long, this is why we have not yet made contact, full contact. Yes, with some here and there. But there are many things that are looked at, that are considered, before these contacts can occur.




This group, and many other groups across the planet, are being prepared in this way so that you will be able to have contact with us, so that your vibrations will be high enough to meet with our vibration.




For remember, it is all about vibration and consciousness. That is what you have to always remember. Everything is vibration and consciousness.




Continue to raise your vibration whenever you can, however you can, and hold that raised vibration as long as you can. And before you know it, not only will all of these truths be revealed, but you will be fully in the process of your own ascension which will include connection to those of those that are ready to connect with you.




I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace and love, and understanding that you are the one, and the one.





通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan







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