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Lord Ashtar

To Begin Monday, June 19, 2017

三位一体冥想 No. 764





Greetings! Ashtar here. Solstice time is near and it’s time to buckle up! Your planet is about to receive a down pouring of magnificent Creator Energy, so this group of Eagles is being asked to help make it as easy as possible for others. As you were told, these energies are coming through your sun from the Great Central Sun, and they contain all the Qualities and Attributes of Love, of the Creator, specifically the energies of Unity Consciousness. It is bringing to you another opportunity for evolvement and awakening. And before beginning this meditation you are reminded to perform your Protocol.




To begin, you are asked to first connect to your system’s sun, sending it love and envisioning our Golden Pathway extending between it and the Earth. Feel this Creator Energy descend into your crown chakra and coming to rest in your heart center. Stay in this space for a few minutes, letting these Energies fill you.




You are then to switch your focus to the Lightworker Grid and, through your Divine Intent, blow these Energies out from your heart into that Grid. I make no promises, but this may very well be the catalyst that will enable some of Earth’ Lightworkers to connect to your new Crystalline Grid, your fifth-dimensional matrix.




Next, you are to do the same thing into the mass-consciousness grid of your planet, helping Earth’s humanity come into the Knowledge of Unity Consciousness.




Lastly…yes, there is a forth segment to this meditation…you are to send this Energy to the hearts of all living beings on planet Earth.




Stargate openings are always a wakeup call and this one is no different. Remember to continue your Waking Lighthouse meditation as you go through your days. We are with all of you at all times. I am Ashtar. Salute!






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