Greetings my brothers & sisters!




Today I am here to help you break the chains of powerful 3-D beliefs coming from certain reli·gious teac·hings. This message will show you the way to a healthier physical body; a healthier, happier life.


今天我前来帮助你打破来自某些宗教教义强大的 3D 信仰枷锁。这则信息会展示你通往更健康的物理身体;更健康,更幸福的生活 - 道路


But before we begin, I would like to remind ALL of you reading this message, that YOU ARE FREE to believe or disbelieve everything that you read here today. And this rule applies to ALL the messages Adele had channeled on behalf of all of us here in the higher dimensional realm. For those of you who are not ready enough to read/listen to this kind of highly-spiritual knowledge, we recommend that you stop reading/listening to this and move on elsewhere.


但在我们开始之前,我希望提醒阅读这则信息的所有人,你有自由去相信或不相信今天你所读到的一切。这条规则适用于所有这位管道替更高维度领域中的我们所传达的信息。对于你们那些没有准备好去阅读 / 聆听这类高度灵性的知识之人,我们建议你停止阅读 / 聆听并转向别处


We respect your Free Will 100% of the time, so it is up to every single one of you to choose what to believe. We will continue to love you all very deeply, beyond measure, whether or not you believe in anything written here. And we request, that you give that same freedom, courtesy and respect to others. For others to believe in what they want to believe; for them to believe in what their hearts are telling them to do.


我们 100% 时间都尊重你的自由意志,所以取决于你们每个人去选择相信什么。我们会继续深度地,无可估量地爱你们,无论你相不相信这些所写的东西。我们请求,你给予其他人相同的自由、礼仪和尊重。让别人相信他们想要相信的;让他们相信他们的心告诉他们去做的


We have said it often, but we will say this again today:




Your heart will ALWAYS be your most powerful BAROMETER of TRUTH.




If your heart is telling you that it resonates with the higher dimensional information being revealed here, then it is time for you to adopt this information as your own, to help you move forward in your path of Light. If it’s telling you to stop reading/stop listening to this message, maybe because it is not time for you to spiritually awaken, then please follow your heart and move on elsewhere.


如果你的心告诉你它与在这揭示的更维度信息共振,那么是时候去采用这个信息,帮助你在你的光之道路上前进。如果它告诉你停止阅读 / 聆听这则信息,也许是因为对你来说还不是时候去精神上地觉醒,那么请跟随你的心,前往他处


If you make the choice to continue to read, to continue to listen, then please make the intention to read/listen to this message with an open heart and mind. You are, at every moment, always being guided to the path that is most suitable to YOUR own divine plans for this current incarnation.


如果你选择继续阅读,继续聆听,就请意图伴随着开放的心和头脑阅读 / 聆听这则信息。你,时时刻刻,总是在被指引到对你此生的神圣计划来说最恰当的道路


It is not easy for Adele to write today’s message. Every message she wrote required much of her time, effort and dedication to do. But some messages were more difficult to write than others. This message is the most difficult for her to write, to date. And this is mostly due to her past as a prac·ticing Catho·lic. She was so devoted to Me (as J·esus the Chri·st in my famous physical incarnation) and to Father God; so much so, that for a brief period of one year, in her early twenties, she even seriously considered taking up the life path of service to others as a Cath·olic nun.




After being raised in a devout Cat·holic family that went to ch·urch for Mass every Sunday and then going to Cat·holic schools in her younger days, it is not easy for her to now ‘come out of the closet’ and ‘formally’ announce to the world that she has now outgrown Cat·holicism. She has grown more spiritually awakened and long released the need to be bound by any particular reli·gion. Going to ch·urch (just to follow her family & its Cat·holic traditions) for Mass now felt like wearing clothes that are way too small for her.




It had felt very restrictive and that feeling recently caused her to stand up for her beliefs and be authentic to her True Self. Even if that makes her the ‘odd one out’ in her family. Everything is okay; Adele is now happier than ever. Her family has continued to love and accept her just the way she is.




Adele’s so-called ‘rel·igion’ is now ‘Unity and Oneness’ with ALL THAT IS. For her to be able to write these channeled messages, in its Divine Truth and Purity, (with total trust, faith and surrender), she needs to be able to ‘detach’ herself from 1 particular reli·gion, and embrace ALL. One of her most important missions in this lifetime, is to play a part in uniting all members of the Human Collective by showing them the path to Love.




The path to ‘Unity and Oneness With All’ (regardless of rel·igions, skin color, wealth/educational backgrounds, language, geogr·aphical location, cul·ture/nation, se·xual orient·ation etc).


通往“与一切统一和合一”的道路(无论是宗教,肤色,财富 / 教育背景,语言,地理位置,文化 / 国家,性取向等等)


The path of inclusivity instead of exclusivity.




A higher dimensional path that requires ALL of you to be the Love that you truly are, in all your daily interactions with the world and the people in it.




A path of non-conformity that is based on Divine Love and Unity with ALL.




I now would like to remind you all, of Father God’s message titled ‘To be or not to be, that is the question‘. In that message, He had explained to you the TRUE function of all Earth-based reli·gio·ns/faiths. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, here it is again:


现在我想要提醒你们,父神的信息“成为还是不成为” ( 成为还是不成为) 在那则信息中,他向你解释了所有地球宗教 / 信仰的真正功能。对于你们那些还未阅读过的人,我把它再贴出来:


All roads lead to Rome.” (Alain deLille)


条条大路通罗马 (Alain deLille)


There are many paths to the top of the Mountain, but the view is always the same.” (Chinese proverb)


“有着许多道路通向山顶,但风景总是一样的 --- 殊途同归”(中国谚语)


The first proverb means that there are many different ways of reaching the same goal or conclusion. In the second proverb, the ‘Mountaintop’ is your True HOME with God, or being in a state of perfect Oneness with God. The ‘view is always the same’ means that no matter which route you took, the result, the outcome, is always the same. You will always find God there, in perfect union with You.




The route (up that mountaintop) that Adele had taken was that of Cathol·icism because of the family environment she was raised in. And depending on your upbringing, geographical location and the predominant reli·gion in that area, you may find yourselves/your loved ones belonging to a different rel·igion altogether. And that is fine.


管道所拾起的路线(通往山顶的)就是天主教,出于她成长的家庭环境。根据你的教育、地理位置、那片地区主要的宗教,你可能会发现自己 / 你心爱的人从属于一个完全不同的宗教。这没关系


If you continue to move along upwards on your particular route with your hearts as your inner GPS, eventually you will find God, in perfect Oneness with you.


如果你继续沿着你特定的路线向上前进,伴随着作为你内在 GPS 的心,最终你会发现神,在与你完美的合一中


Even those who have chosen the route of someone who does not believe in the existence of God, or those who do not identify themselves as belonging to any particular reli·gion, will eventually find God at the mountaintop/at the end of their destination.


即使选择了别人不相信神存在的道路之人,或那些并不认为自己属于任何特定宗教的人,最终在山顶 / 在他们的目的地也会找到神。


All it takes is for someone to believe in the existence of Love. When a person believes in Love, he will eventually find his Authentic Self/True Spiritual Identity at some point in his life journey; no matter which route he has taken thus far.


只要你相信爱的存在。当一个人相信爱,他最终会找到真正的自我 / 真正的精神身份,在他生命旅程的某个点;无论迄今为止他走的是哪条路


He may call/label God by another name: simply ‘Love’, ‘Prime/Supreme Creator’, ‘The Force’, ‘The Bright Light’, ‘Source Energy’ or ‘The ALL THAT IS’.


他可以称呼 / 标签神为另一个名称:只是“爱”,“最初 / 最高的造物主”,“力量”,“明亮的光”,“源头能量”或者“一切万有”


And that is okay. God is completely fine with having many names.




There is absolutely no need for dissension; there is never a need to fight one another for the supr·emacy of one path over another. In the past, there had been too many w·ars done ‘In the name of God’.




I’m not sure which God the people involved in those w·ars were referring to, because anything that is NOT done in the spirit of: LOVE and UNITY, is NOT done in the name of God.




It is a sacr·ilege to use God’s name for ANY other purpose but that of Love. When those w·ars occurred, the authori·ties in charge were only using the name of God to advance their own purposes; their domi·nion and supre·macy over the masses of believers under their con·trol. They used God to ‘legitimize’ their need for wealth and po·wer.




For those of you whose hearts are NOW ready and completely open to Divine, Unconditional Love, regardless of which particular religio·us or non-reli·gious path/route that you have thus far chosen to take, you will eventually be led to only ONE destination.




Upon reaching that destination, you will find yourself united with ALL THAT IS; united with all the people living on this beautiful planet Earth. You will also be awakened to the fact that you are one with Gaia; one with your Mother Earth and all Her living creatures.




And with that realization, you will then continue to be awakened to your Divine identity; your Divine nature and abilities that perfectly resembles Me and God.




Everything so far written above is just a long introduction to our topic today. They have served to give you the proper background (for those of you who have not read all of our messages via Adele) and a deeper understanding (for those of you who have) for my messages today.




Today I would like to share with you all a little bit of my true life story in my famous incarnation as J·esus of Nazareth. I will also share my True tea·chings; the teachings that had been ‘edited out’ by early Chris·tian autho·rities in order to make the Bi·ble the book that it is today.




I was born to two spiritually-awakened parents: Mary and Joseph. When a child was born to awakened biological parents, the child would then grow up completely spiritually-awakened. That means, I was never trapped in the matrix of life that was 3-D Earth. I grew up knowing exactly who I was: a beloved son of our Creator God who had come to this planet with a very important mission of Love.


我诞生于两个精神觉醒的父母:玛丽亚和约瑟夫。当一个孩子诞生于觉醒的父母,孩子就会完全精神觉醒地成长。这意味着,我从未陷于 3D 地球的生活矩阵中。我知道我是谁地成长:我们造物主神心爱的孩子,带着非常重要的爱之使命来到地球


When I was about 15, I had a vision from Father God of the role that I was to undertake one day when ready. Every thing that I had done ever since receiving that vision, was to prepare for my Ministry of Light.


当我 15 岁的时候,我收到了父神的一个景象,关于当我准备好我会拾起的角色。自从收到这个景象,我所做的一切,就是在为这个光的使命做准备


From a higher dimensional point of view, my primary mission was: to anchor the Ch·rist consciousness (also known as Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness) into the core of Planet Earth by my very presence in one of the darkest period Humanity had endured in its early history. I was to be a powerful beacon of Light. A beacon that invited all (living during my time as Jesus) who were ready, to return to the Truth of Who They Were, Where They Came From, and What They Could Be.




Back then I had many followers; many male and female disci·ples (not just the famous 12). Thousands of people regularly attended my teaching sessions; what I would inwardly call ‘awakening and enlightening people with higher-dimensional Wisdom’ sessions. People from all ages, all backgrounds often attended my teaching sessions: the sick, the wealthy, the poor, the learned/educated Jewish priests, some Roman autho·rities/soldiers. My teachings attracted many due to the high amount of Light/Love vibrations; the vibrations of Pure Truth and Wisdom being shared with the masses.


那时我有许多的追随者;许多男性和女性的门徒(不仅仅是著名的 12 门徒)。(揭秘2-人类的起源与被扭曲的历史之圣经与耶稣) 成千上万的人定期地参加我的教学;我内心称为的“觉醒和启蒙之人的更高维度智慧”研讨。各种年龄段和各种背景的人经常参加我的教学:生病的人,富人,穷人,博学的 / 受过教育的犹太祭司,一些罗马当局 / 士兵。我的教义吸引了许多人,出于海量的爱与光振动;纯洁的真理和智慧的振动被分享给群众


My ministry could not last indefinitely. My teachings, my very presence, greatly threatened the existing relig·ious paradigm. People who were occupying high positions of authority in the Jewish community of the time; people whose hearts were already closed off to Divine Love & Truth due to their greed for wealth and/or power; these people came together to discuss a plan to stop my ministry and curtail the wide-spread effects of my Teachings on the masses of people who had become ‘true beli·evers’.




I knew what was happening at the time this ‘drama’ was unfolding and let everything played out the way they were supposed to play out. In every moment of Earth’s history, even today, there are always souls who have chosen to play a role as part of the forces of Darkness. And there are always souls playing the role of ‘one living in the Light’ to balance things out so that ALL is not lost.




(If you haven’t already, please read my older channeled message via Adele, titled ‘Embracing the Dark’ to foster a deeper understanding on souls playing the roles of the Dark).




The illusions/the great dramas coming off of the perpetual ‘battles’ between the Light and the Dark continue to unfold, no matter which time period during Earth’s long history you have chosen to incarnate into. ALL is well in the Great Kingdom of God.


出于光明和黑暗之间永久的“战斗”而产生的幻象 / 巨大戏剧继续展开,无论在漫长历史的哪个阶段。在神伟大的王国中一切都好


All is as it should be, to give you (the Eternal Spirit/Soul that you are) the freedom to experience everything that you wish to experience. In many of your previous lifetimes (throughout the physical Universe/the ‘Playing Fields’ our Father/Mother God had created for you to play in) you had chosen to play both roles as: one living in the Dark and one living in the Light.


一切都如它所是,给予你(永恒的精神 / 灵魂)自由去体验你希望体验的一切。在你许多之前的生世中(贯穿物质宇宙 / 我们的父母神为你创造的“游乐场”)你选择扮演了两者角色:黑暗和光明


You are all on a never-ending ‘great eternal quest’ to evolve and become the next ‘great vision’ of what the Higher You decide that you would love to be.




Let us go back to the story of my life as J·esus of Na·zareth. I knew (long before the start of my ministry) how the ‘drama’ that was my life on Earth would end; I also knew many of the supporting actors/actresses involved, and the roles they would play in it. Many things/events were revealed to me in ‘visions’ prior to them actually happening in my physical reality at the time. I knew them ALL and yet I never ran. I never tried to escape from my eventual end.


让我们回到我作为耶稣的人生故事。我知道(在我使命开始前很久)我在地球上的生命会结束地多么具有“戏剧性”;我也知道许多有关的最佳配角 / 演员,以及他们会扮演的角色。许多事情 / 事件在它们实际发生前就在“景象”中向我揭示。我知道它们一切,但我从未逃跑。我从未试图逃避我最终的结局


With a high dose of courage, strength and bravery, every day I continually practiced the art of ‘letting go and letting God’. I had made my own great ‘jump off of the cliff’ and totally surrendered to: Father/Mother God and my Higher Self, so that my important Divine missions of anchoring higher dimensional Light and becoming a powerful beacon of Light for the world (and for all future Ch·ristians to follow) could be made a reality.


伴随着高度的勇气、力量和胆量,每一天,我不断地练习“放下,允许神(译注:出自放下的艺术)”。我做出了伟大的“跳下悬崖”并完全地臣服于:父母神和更高的自我,这样我重要的神圣使命 --- 锚定更高维度的光并成为强大的灯塔(为世界以及为所有未来的基督徒)可以实现


Back then I knew (from the visions of ‘future Nova Gaia’ that I received) because of my direct participation in: ‘anchoring the Light of the Chr·ist Consciousness’ through my physical body/life, there will come a time when Gaia, your Earth Mother, and all Her inhabitants can finally ascend to the higher dimensions where She, and all of you, ultimately came from. You all came from ‘the absolute reality’ that is the Kingdom of God, where ALL is Love. All is Unity. All is Peace and Harmony. All is Abundance. And that time has now arrived! Now is the time for Gaia and all of you, to return to the Light of God; to the Love that is your Higher Self, whilst still in physicality.


当时我知道(从我收到的“未来新星盖亚”的景象中)因为我的直接参与:“锚定基督意识的光”,通过我的物理身体 / 生命,有一天,盖亚,你们的地球母亲,和她所有的居民最终都能扬升到更高的维度,她和你们所有人,最终前来的地方。你们都来自“绝对的现实”也是神的王国,那里一切都是爱。一切都是统一。一切都是平和与和谐。一切都是丰盛。那个时刻现在已经来临!现在时候让盖亚和你们所有人,返回神的光;你更高自我的爱,同时依旧处于物理层面


It is time for all members of the Human Collective, to align themselves with their Higher Purpose/Mission of being physically incarnate here right now: at a time when this massive CHANGE, (the great move from the lower to the higher dimensions), when this monumental DRAMA/SHOW is unfolding/playing out.


是时候让所有人,与他们化身于此的更高目标 / 使命对齐:当这个巨大的改变,(从较低维度移动到更高维度),当这个纪念碑似的戏剧 / 表演展开 / 上演


Many of your higher dimensional galactic brothers and sisters are watching. They have come from all corners of this Universe; trekking through all the dimensions; through time and space to be here. They have come in support of the Light and to ensure that, this time, the FINAL OUTCOME will be as already decreed by Father/Mother God.




The long-awaited Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is NOW HERE.




Your galactic family have come after hearing the stories of ‘the great battle’ between the Dark and the Light, for ‘the right’ to Gaia. For ‘the right’ to the souls of Humanity. They are here to help you all in making your FINAL decisions (whether to Ascend or not to Ascend) without the heavy influence of the third-dimensional Matrix you have been living in for eons.




It is now time for ALL of you to decide:




Are you now playing the role of the Dark? Or are you playing the role of someone living in the Light? Do you wish to continue living your lives committed to that specific role you have chosen? Or do you wish to change to its polar opposite? Do you wish to become a greater person than you currently are? Do you wish to return to the ‘Light and Love’ that you already are, in spiritual TRUTH? Or do you wish to continue to play the role of someone who is in a deep, spiritual sleep and never wake up in this lifetime? Do you want to live in a loving, joyful, peaceful and completely unified fifth-dimensional society that is the future of Humanity?”




Or do you prefer to live in a third-dimensional society where hatred, anger, duality, separation, greed, power, fear, money continue to be the main ‘themes’ of your days? Do you prefer to make your stand and refuse to continue to live in that kind of lower-vibrational society? Are you ready to align your entire being, your entire life, and actively participate in the: making of and manifesting of Nova Gaia, so that it actually becomes your ‘future’ physical reality? Or, do you prefer to continue to play the role of someone who: doesn’t want Nova Gaia to happen and is actively doing whatever you can, to prevent it from ever happening?”




These are very deep questions that ONLY YOU have the ‘correct’ answers to.








Your free will is always respected by all of us here in the company of Heaven.




Although this has been said before, it is important for you all to integrate the Truth of the following statement: One choice is NOT better than the other. By making the choice ‘to ascend now, in this lifetime’ does NOT make you better, than those who prefer ‘to not ascend now’. All depends on each soul’s readiness level to move on to a higher dimension of consciousness; a higher dimensional way of ‘Being ONE’ with ALL THAT IS.




If your loved ones are not ready to ascend in this lifetime (you can easily tell by the fact that: they are often acting out the roles/parts of people who are the complete, polar opposites of their naturally loving, Higher Selves), then please respect their choices. Let them live their lives the way they want to live. Let go of all controls and trust in God. Trust in your own Higher Selves. And trust that your loved ones’ Higher Selves will continually guide their ‘physical selves’ to eventually return to the path of Light.




Send Light and Love their way (visualize it coming directly from your hearts into theirs), so that one day, at the perfect Divine Timing (that they will decide for themselves), they can also return to the Light & Love of their Higher Selves.




You can choose not to be ‘drawn’ into their dark dramas/agendas by refusing to participate; by refusing to be involved; by refusing to be in their spheres of influence.


你可以选择不被“卷入”他们黑暗的戏剧 / 议程,通过拒绝参与;通过拒绝被牵涉。通过拒绝处于他们的影响范围


Imagine if the leaders of one great nation are planning to go to wa·r with its neighbor. But no one shows up for ba·ttle. The ‘soldiers’ who are members of that nation’s military have now: become very much spiritually awakened and decided to no longer play a part in any activity that is not based on Love. What will happen to that w·ar when the nation’s citizens are refusing to participate in it? It will never be carried out.




Each and every one of you has to learn to let go of all fears.




Let go of anything that is holding you back from your own Divine Sovereignty as the loving, but powerful Creator that you truly are.




Stop conforming to what you think the world/the people around you want you to be, in order to feel like you belong in the group.


停止遵循你认为世界 / 周围人想要你成为的,为了感到你属于团体


If someone is asking you to do something, please stop and ask your Higher Heart, “The things that these people/this group is asking me to do, are they aligned with my Higher Self? Are they aligned with my Higher Mission/Purpose of being here?”


如果有人要求你做什么,请停下来,问问你更高的心,“这些人 / 团体要我去做的事情,它们与我更高的自我对齐吗?它们与我在这里的更高使命 / 目标对齐吗?”


Living your lives authentically by following your hearts is the fastest way to: happiness, success, living an abundant life, and becoming one with your Higher Self.


通过跟随你的心而真实地活着 是最快的方式去:拥有幸福,成功,丰盛的生活,成为与你更高自我的合一


All of you will never fail to return to the state of Oneness with God, Oneness with ALL THAT IS, at the end of all your physical adventures/incarnations to Planet Earth. So all is always well. There is nothing to fear. All are living their physical lives the way that they are meant to, as per their own great Divine Plans; in their own great path of Light as the eternal Souls that they are.


你们都不会无法返回与神的合一,与一切万有的合一,在你们物理冒险 / 化身的结尾。所以一切总是很好。没什么好怕的。所有人都在按他们意图的方式生活,按他们自己伟大的神圣计划生活;处于他们自己伟大的光之道路中,作为永恒的灵魂


This is the end of Part 1 of my message today. In Part 2, which Adele will publish in the next few days, I will continue to share with you all my real, Authentic Teachings from my incarnation as Jes·us of Nazare·th.




Sending you all much Light and Love,




Your brother Sananda







Greetings my brothers and sisters,




It is now time to continue my last message by first sharing with you all a little bit of my real-life story as the famous Jesus of Nazareth. Unlike what had been previously said in Part 1, I will be sharing my true, authentic teachings from that lifetime here through Adele, one channeled message at a time in the future. This is due to the length of each channeled message, which I prefer to keep to the bare minimum.




So if you haven't read Part 1 of my message, please do so first before continuing here.




It is important to read them all in order. All of our messages contain powerful Divine Light Codes that can help to 'enlighten' the minds, bodies and spirits of the people reading them; to help realign you back onto the path of Spiritual Mastery and Ascension.




It is very important that you all realize that this and all future messages are written without any intention to: criticize, or, put current religious teachings in a negative light. My purpose here is to enlighten only those who are ready, with higher dimensional wisdom, with higher truth; free from all restrictions coming from religious/political dogmas that were set hundreds of years ago.




For those of you here who have come from a Christian background, or if you are a practicing Catholic, and if you have made the choice to continue to read/listen to this message, please do so with an open heart and mind. A lot of the things revealed today and in my future messages through Adele, will be quite different to what you had been taught in traditional Christian teachings. You've had a lifetime of practice believing in what religious authorities had taught you, and then suddenly here I am appearing in these messages, informing you all that some of those teachings were not entirely accurate.




Confusion and disbelief are perfectly normal. This is why you are welcome to stop reading/listening to this and move on elsewhere, anytime you like. You are welcome to believe or not believe anything written here. Your free will is always respected. And that is why you should always give that same freedom to others; to believe in whatever they wish to believe. Please follow your hearts, your powerful inner GPS, in anything that you choose to focus on/do in life. Let us begin.




I know that some of you here had read the highly controversial book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, or watched its movie adaptation (starring Tom Hanks). That book is a work of fiction, but some of the information revealed in there were truly divinely inspired. The most relevant one to my message today, is centred around a famous, real life historical event that created the foundation of today's Christianity: the First Council of Nicaea (in AD 325); convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine I.




This assembly was attended by early Chrstian authorities; bishops who were representing many in Christendom. This council meeting aimed to attain consensus on church/canon law. These men discussed, debated and eventually came to an agreement/settlement on a variety of important issues such as: my Divinity, my relationship and claim of oneness with Father God, my teachings, the date of Easter, the creation of the Nicene Creed, and much more that were not publicly revealed.




In this first ecumenical council (along with many other council meetings afterwards), my teachings were very heavily scrutinized. During this time period approximately 3 centuries after my death, there were many Gospels (records of my life and teachings written by many disciples and eye-witnesses) that had been discovered by these early Christian leaders.




In time, those leaders decided that only gospels that made me sound like 'the only' Divine Son of God, the Father, were to be included in the book that is called the Bible today. Gospels that made me sound like a normal man, a normal person, just like the rest of humanity, were mostly not included in the Bible. There is a reason why religions foster the belief that God (and/or the Ascended Masters who are founders of these religions) needs to be worshiped and glorified.




By worshiping and glorifying God, He will 'most likely' answer your prayers by helping and giving you a few, some or all the things you have been asking for. So if you haven't been getting what you are asking for, God is most likely to blame. You might even start thinking along the lines of being an 'unworthy sinner', or being so unloved by God and that is why your prayers have gone unanswered. This is really one of the greatest fallacy of all time.




The distinction/claim that Jesus was the only Divine Son of God and that was the only reason why I was able to perform so many amazing miracles during my physical incarnation, was the most effective way, to disempower believers. This fallacy has successfully managed to 'disconnect' a lot of believers over thousands of years, from their own natural, powerful Creation and Manifestation abilities. It has stripped many people of personal power.




God loves ALL OF YOU unconditionally, without any exceptions. The Universe/God will always support and give you what you want, 100% of the time, at the perfect Divine Timing: as long as what you want is always consistent with the Higher Good of all (i.e. never infringe on other people's free will), AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires.




There are many 'snippets' of Higher Truth that can be found in the Bible and in other holy books, but in general, please use your inner wisdom when reading ANY information that comes from a source that is located 'outside' of you. You need to use your heart, your inner GPS to discern their truth. And this includes all of the channeled messages Adele had been writing on our behalf. Don't just take our word for them; use your heart to discern its authenticity and truth. Higher Truth will always 'feel' true. It will resonate with your hearts and will always carry the vibrations of Light and Love for all reading them.




In Part 1 of this message, I had shared with you all that I was born to spiritually-awakened, biological parents. My parents knew of their true spiritual identities as Divine Souls; as son and daughter of our beloved Father/Mother God, long before I was born. Thus I was never trapped in the 3-D matrix that was Planet Earth back then.




Growing up as a boy, my parents also knew that I had a very important mission of Love to do. And with that in mind, they always followed their own intuition and guidance (given to them by God and by their own spirit team through visions, dreams or 'inner knowings') on how best to raise me; how best to educate me. We traveled a lot during my teenage years; to many distant countries in the East and West in search of wise and learned men who could best teach and show me the way to, one day, being able to reach my Highest Potential for that lifetime.




I stayed and learned from many spiritual gurus; teachers who not only possessed higher-dimensional, esoteric Wisdom and Knowledge but who had also consistently applied them successfully in their daily lives. They usually lived in some of the most remote places on the planet; preferring to stay within the communities of higher-dimensional, fully-awakened souls. Some of my teachers were living within 'Inner Earth' societies.




People living in these spiritually-advanced, inner earth societies always welcomed everyone who had the genuine intention to know, understand and apply advanced spiritual wisdom into their daily lives. Back then having visitors to their 'hidden' homes were rare; but when it happened, they knew that these visitors were divinely guided to find and learn from them the higher dimensional ways of living and of being.




And thus they welcomed me and my parents with loving, open arms, and gave us a temporary home away from home; in a wonderfully loving, supportive and secure environment for me to remember and master Divine abilities that are my birthright. These teachers were like the lampposts in my path to enlightenment. They 'paved' the way to my own remembrance; to my own Divine spiritual powers and to a full, complete awakening of my Godliness, my Oneness with God and with ALL THAT IS.




Our stay with them lasted until I became fully awakened and fully integrated with my Higher Self. By my early twenties I was already living my life as the physical embodiment of Christ consciousness (Unconditional Love & Unity consciousness) and had become my Higher Self in every way. I was finally ready for my ministry of Light, and we then began our long journey home, back towards the land where the last, but most important phase of my 'life drama' would eventually begin. Before the start of my ministry, I did choose to have a normal life for myself for a few short years. My twin flame (who was Mary Magdalene at the time) and I became a loving, married couple. And it was she who mostly gave me the strength and courage to continue with my divine mission.




I started my ministry by first locating the key players; people who would play a huge part in my life and in spreading my teachings after the death of my physical body. In time, the number of male and female disciples grew to thousands, and not just the special 12. We gathered together regularly in many different settings; we traveled from town to town following the inner guidance that Father God and my Higher Self had given me.




Towards the end of my ministry, my closest followers who had chosen to stay by my side through it all, had all successfully become their Higher Selves in every way. They followed and listened to my guidance very closely and became totally committed to my teachings; committed to the path of Light and Love.




You might be wondering how long would it take (for someone who totally dedicated his life to ascension and enlightenment) to go from initial spiritual awakening to full integration of Higher Self? The time taken is of course different from person to person.




However, during my time as Jesus, my disciples were with me almost all the time (with a few exceptions e.g. meditation times). They listened to me; they constantly asked questions; and they took the time to practice what they had learned. Their main daily focus was on spirituality. We relied on the kindness of strangers to feed ourselves and we slept wherever we would like. We helped when our assistance was needed and we were always surrounded by people who were more than happy to help us when needed.




Due to our main focus on spirituality, on average it took my disciples between 3 to 12 months to master my higher-dimensional teachings. By the time I died on the cross, my closest disciples had all: reached their goals of enlightenment and become Ascended Masters in their own right, with most of their Divine spiritual gifts and abilities awakened.




Towards the end, they understood why I had to take the path that led to such a gruesome and violent death, and even though we had grown very close (with a bond as strong as that of brothers/sisters), they completely respected my choice/free will and supported me in every way. My mission was too important for me to run away and escape from my supposed end, and things needed to happen exactly the way they were meant to happen.




It might come as a shock to many Christian believers, that Jesus was once a simple man living a simple life as a husband and father, and as a teacher of higher-dimensional wisdom. He was born to a highly spiritual family who loved God deeply and he had committed his life to a mission of spreading higher truth to all who would listen. He was Divine, just like all of you are Divine. He was God in a human body, just like all of you are Gods/Goddesses in a human body. With time and dedication, Jesus achieved spiritual mastery and became enlightened, just like any one of you can also do the same if you possess the courage, bravery, strength, trust and faith to surrender completely to God, and to your Higher Self/Purpose.




All of you who regularly read these channeled messages are serious about Ascension. You know and understand by now that you can grow and fly to greater heights, and leave behind all limiting aspects of your 3-D Self. You long to be, do and have more. You have longed for HOME for far too long. You long to be back home again, within the embrace of your powerful, loving God and Higher Self. You long to know yourself, once again, as the magnificent, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT and OMNIPRESENT Soul that you truly are, in the absolute reality that is your true home in Heaven.




And all that is needed, for you to truly become your Higher Self is every way (whilst still in physicality), is to make the full-time commitment to be the embodiment of God, in this lifetime.




Adele had written a blog a few years ago titled 'Archangel Raphael: Supreme Healer in the Angelic Realm'. In that blog she had specified the steps that you all need to take, in order to align yourself, your life and your entire way of being with any goals you may have in life, specifically with your goal of becoming God.




If you make a strong intention right now, to one day become your Higher Self for real, then please make the commitment TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to reach that goal. The road to spiritual mastery, to becoming an Ascended Master is not for the faint-hearted.




Before an athlete becomes the owner and master of a gold, silver or bronze medal in any sport played in the Olympics, he would need to commit every single day and many hours per day, to the cause. This athlete needs to endure endless hours of repetitive exercises in order to improve his game and be the best in that field. His commitment to his goal of one day becoming an Olympic medalist is constantly tested, in many different ways, and in many different competitions.




And just like this athlete, once you have started to walk this path to becoming 'Master of Life', you will discover challenges that will help you apply the higher-dimensional Wisdom you have thus far attained. Every day your commitment to this goal will be tested, by whatever is happening in your personal and work lives. However, unlike an athlete who competes with others to become the best in his sport, you will be only competing with yourself: your old, stubborn, fearful, sometimes egoistic and complacent, third-dimensional self.




Every day you should aim to be: the embodiment of Christ Consciousness (Love & Unity Consciousness) in every moment, and exude love wherever you go. Your thoughts, words, feelings and actions need to be that of Divine Love for the majority of the time. Imagine as if you are a pilot in control of a plane that is your life on Earth. Prior to your spiritual awakening, most of you had put the controls of your life on 'automatic pilot mode'.




You flew back and forth from the higher altitudes (higher frequencies) to the lower altitudes (lower frequencies) many times prior to reaching your destination (your goal), in response to what was happening around you. In other words, your moods and states of being can be easily affected by the many worldly dramas happening around you and by the people who are constantly surrounding you.




The road to Spiritual Mastery and Enlightenment requires you to: take back control of your plane, i.e. your life, by turning the automatic pilot mode off, and by doing whatever it takes to ensure that you can constantly fly in the higher altitudes (in the higher vibrations where love, joy, calm and peace exists). In other words, you need to commit to always be staying in the higher frequencies, in whatever you choose to: do, have and focus on. Please read my earlier message through Adele titled 'The Blueprint of Your New 5-D Life' for more information on how to live a high-vibrational life.




When you have managed to 'fly' in the higher vibrations consistently, continuously no matter what is going on around you, then you will soon notice the gradual awakening of your Divine, innate, powerful spiritual abilities. These natural abilities are something that all of you have, when you are living in the higher dimensions, or back home in Heaven.




Divine Unconditional LOVE is the additional key needed for the awakening of your spiritual powers.




The 3 powerful affirmations that Father God had shared in his previous channeled message through Adele, titled 'The Art of Letting Go' will only work if the people saying those potent declarations have truly realized their spiritual identity as 'Divine Love' incarnated. In other words, someone who has a low self-esteem, or someone who does not really love himself/hates himself will never be able to bridge the gap between 'acting/faking' and 'truly becoming' the God that he truly is. He can say these affirmations many times per day, over and over again, but his path of becoming his Higher Self will be powerfully blocked by his inability to love himself.




And without Love for oneself, for others and for the world around him, his powerful Divine powers and abilities can never be awakened. This person's Higher Self will never burden him with spiritual powers beyond his current abilities to control. Your Higher Self and spirit team are always closely monitoring your motivational and readiness levels to embrace more of who you truly are.




You all had learned lessons in life when you manifested into your physical reality something you did not truly want. And when traced back to its origins, you could always find the 'event' or the day when you were thinking negative thoughts, or saying negative words that were the root cause of the unwanted outcome.




Once your level of spiritual awakening is in the latter phase (close to completion) you will find that the time lag between creation and manifestation keeps getting smaller and smaller until one day, there is zero time lag. What you think, say and feel become your reality instantly. Once that happens, you will know that you have reached the highest level of spiritual mastery.




This is a level where anything is possible and where limitations do not exist. It is a level reached by all the famous and non-famous Ascended Masters/religious masters who were once incarnated on planet Earth. It is the ultimate level of Oneness with ALL THAT IS. Reaching this level means that you have once again become a powerful CREATOR who: have full, complete control of your thoughts, words, feelings and actions (i.e. your vibrations) and is in constant alignment with Divine Love.




Love is truly THE greatest power in this Universe.




The next statement I will be saying here will be my main message for all of you here today. If you are serious about becoming and embodying God/your Higher Self, you need to STOP giving your power away. You have to immediately take your life off of the automatic pilot mode and take back control. Do not easily join in the activities or conform to the decisions of any religion, your group of friends, the community/work organizations that you belong to, IF their values and missions in life are not at all based in the Love & Unity/Oneness consciousness.




Be the brave and courageous souls I know you all truly are, and say NO when you need to say no, and then work out a more loving solution to all challenges that arise, always placing the Higher Good of all concerned in the back of your mind.




Whenever faced with making a decision, big or small, you MUST CONSTANTLY ask yourselves, which decision should you pick that will align you the most to your powerful Higher Self. The highest-vibrational decision that your Higher Self will help you select will always be aligned with the energies of Love, Unity, Abundance and Personal Empowerment.




Respect your spiritually-awakened Self, and choose the path of least resistance.




An awakened person can rarely go back to her old self without feeling totally miserable, anxious and stressed-out about his daily life or about the decisions he has made. It will be like wearing old clothes that can barely fit. The inner battle that may arise within, that takes place between your 'old' 3-D and 'new' 5-D Selves, must be approached with quiet introspection, patience, compassion, understanding and love. You will know that you have won the battle when you are back to feeling joyful and at peace with where you are right now and with the choices you are making in life.




In my next channeled message (Part 3), I will be focusing on the topic of healing. Adele (being an energy healer) would love me to explain the higher wisdom behind the process of healing your physical body of all ailments, diseases/imbalances. I will share with you all the 'secrets' to my seemingly magical, miraculous healings performed when I was Jesus of Nazareth.




The discourses here were written to help all of you to permanently shatter, break and eliminate for good many third-dimensional fallacies that are still shackling you down.




NOW is truly time for all of you to break free from all restrictions and limitations that are currently stopping you from: living the kind of life that you want and living in the kind of higher-dimensional society that you want to be in.




The choice is ultimately yours. Are you ready to be free? Do you even want to be free?




As always, your free will is totally respected by all of us here in the higher dimensional realm.




Loving you all beyond measure.




Your brother in Light,








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通灵:Adele Arini

翻译:Nick Chan



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