Secrets of the Alexandrian Library

Master Guide Kirae

l through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


透過Kahu  Fred Sterling傳


  亞歷山大圖書館的秘密 ( )


KIRAEL: 我們會說到關於亞歷山大圖書館的秘密,我並沒有想要使你們對於這些細節感到厭煩,例如,亞歷山大圖書館被燒燬多少次,遺失掉多少,等等。然而,我會啟發你們關於被保存的,和你們盼望由圖書館發現的東西。


KIRAEL: We will speak about the secrets of the Alexandrian Library. I have no desire to bore you with details such as how many times the Alexandrian library was burned down, how much was lost, and so on and so forth. Yet I will enlighten you about what was saved and what you can look forward to finding from that library.




It is a testament, if you will, to the Creator's Light that the Alexandrian Library existed. You will come to see that there are untold histories of this particular time, which is why many of us in the Guidance world have arrived here on your Earth plane at this time. Understand that the Creator, in its experience of Light, would never let the whole of anything be lost. Whatever it is may be put away for thousands of years, in some cases, but it is never lost.


例如,這未被寫入的歷史,這些偉大的世界,如雷姆利亞,亞特蘭提斯,埃及,基督時期,以及現在,和被稱為未來的,只能由實相中的指導靈帶來。你們說,”噢,齊瑞爾大師,我們不認為它們有運作過,因為我們如何發現這些沒記錄的歷史,如果所有的靈媒明天決定辭掉工作的話 ? 不要讓他們辭職,我猜這是我能告訴你們最好的。你們了解了嗎,你們遺失的知識,是你們已經感覺遺失的知識 ; 而你們現在真得需要擁有這些知識。


For instance, the unwritten histories of such great worlds as Lemuria, Atlantis , Egypt , and the time of Christ and the Now and the so-called future can only be brought forth by the Guidance reality. You say, "Oh, Master Kirael, we don't think that would work, because how would we find out about these unwritten histories if all the mediums decide to quit work tomorrow?" Don't let them quit, I guess is the best I can tell you. You see, the knowledge that you've lost is the knowledge that you feel you've lost, and you really need to have that knowledge in the Now.


為什麼是現在,在所有的時間裡,而為什麼是亞歷山大圖書館呢 ? 亞歷山大圖書館的內容,在上師耶穌走過地球層面的時間之前就被燒燬了 ; 而更多被燒燬於耶穌行走地球之後。即使我們可以發現那些物質,它將那告訴我們什麼呢 ? 朋友們,寫在數千年前的答案,如何創造你想要的生活。仔細聽了,朋友們,我將發表亞歷山大圖書館被破壞的古卷及書本的能量。


Why now, of all times, and why the Alexandrian Library? The contents of the Alexandrian Library were burned years before Master Jesus even walked upon the Earth plane, and more were burned after he walked on the Earth plane. Even if we could find that material, what would it tell us? Well, my friends, the answers to how to make your life what you want it to be exist within what was written those thousands of years ago. So, listen closely, my friends, as I bring forth the energy of the destroyed scrolls and books of the Alexandrian Library.


這訊息會對你的生活產生影響,你活在無限的社會。偉大的心智在你之前到來,而許多會在你之後來到。你來自光的源頭,我們提到的創造者,你們在這裡編造的字以顯示創造勢能。在你之前從創造者的光來了許多的光,在你之後也會有許多的光到來。前些日子,有人問我”齊瑞爾大師,有著無限的光體存在嗎 ? 亦或,創造者自身的擴展時也有著有限的數目呢 ? 我的朋友們,來自亞歷山大圖書館的答案,看看柏拉圖研讀些什麼,並且他如何教導及傳授給 Aristotle( 亞里斯多德 ) ,他最偉大的弟子之一。而且可以看到無限的潛力,沒有結束。”噢”你說,”齊瑞爾大師,你正在說的是,我們那些來自創造者之光的”當然,是所有的你們 “來自沒有範圍、沒有盡頭、沒有限制的一個源頭”,那正是我要告訴你的,為何他被稱為造物者,也是為何你會與所擁有美好的信念分離,全根基於一個限制性質的社會。


The information will have a defined effect on your life. You live in a limitless society. Great minds have come before you and many will come after you. You come from a source of light that we refer to as the Creator, a word you made up over here to exemplify the potential of creation. From that Creator Light came many lights before you, as will come many lights after you. Just in the previous day or so someone asked me, “Master Kirael, are there an infinite number of light beings, or is there a strict number by which the Creator expands?" The answer, my friends, from the Alexandrian Library, is this: Look at what Plato studied and how he taught it and handed it off to one of his great pupils called Aristotle and you can see that the potential is limitless. There is no end to it. “Oh,” you say, “Then what you're saying, Master Kirael, is that those of us who came from the Creator’s Light”—which, of course, is all of you—“came from a source that has no extent, no end, no limit.” That's exactly what I am telling you. That's why it's called the Creator, and that's why all the beliefs you have held onto so wonderfully are coming apart. They’re all based on a limiting society.




Scholars over the last two or three hundred years have, for the most part, tried to limit whatever they've studied. They tried to reach the absolute limit of their potential, only to find that that limit opened up into an area that was so broad that what they had just discovered was actually miniscule. Most of them walked around wondering why they had spent all that time just to discover a minute part of the whole.


為什麼我們想要知道關於亞歷山大圖書館 ? 畢竟,它不是當時唯一的圖書館,那時在世界各地都有圖書館,在羅馬有一座圖書館,在雅典也有一座巨大的圖書館。

然而,亞歷山大圖書館,朋友們,坐落於海港旁,如果你願意,在某些意義上,你可以隨著這一條廣闊的河流經它。在那裡容納著龐大的巨大能量的圖騰,遠離大眾能得到它的地方。他們隱藏訊息,為了他們可以感覺到某人控制被稱為生活的巨大混亂。生活有著磨擦,卻沒有混亂。你們稱之為生活的,是一個被設計成隨著磁力的” in-lightening 模版,一致的振動,即所有生命必須擁有的浩瀚經驗。這浩瀚包含了所有領域的訊息及生命經驗的權力。


Why do we want to know about the Alexandrian Library? After all, that was not the only library of its time. There were libraries throughout the world in those times. There was a library in Rome . There was even a huge library in Athens . However, the Alexandrian Library, my friends, was situated on a seaport, if you will, and a vast river ran past it and through it, in some sense of the word. All of the great energy patterns stored information there in vast quantities, away from where the masses could get it. They hid the information so that they could feel that someone was in control of this mass chaos called life. There’s the rub. There is no chaos in life. Life, as you call it, is a designed pattern of "in-lightening" energy with a magnetic force, a vibration that is consistent with the understanding that all life must have the vastness of experience. That vastness includes an entitlement to all arenas of information and the whole of life experience.




Understand that you're unlimited. Go beyond your limits. Open your mind beyond all that you have read in your books. Someone made statements recently that Master Kirael speaks only about things that can be verified. Well, I'll go beyond that this evening. I'll give you an example of things that can't be verified that I've spoken of many times.


我跟你們談過抹大拉的馬利亞。那甚至不是她真正的名字。她只是剛好來自馬格德林家族。嗯,馬格德林和瑪德琳娜有些被混淆了。你們曾聽過假定的故事嗎,抹大拉馬利亞是一個不同型式集合在一起的整體人類 ? 我告訴你們,朋友們,這假定迄今不能結束。在你們地球的層面,今天,抹大拉的瑪麗亞會被認為是精神分裂者,或者也許是兩極化的,或被證明是無行為能力。你們了解了嗎 ? 抹大拉馬利亞在任何時候用她承載的許多聲音說話,如同主耶穌向你們證實的。有幾次,抹大拉馬利亞與主耶穌對話,抹大拉馬利亞會短暫的停止,當她再次說話,她的聲音會以低沈的男中音出現,這個男中音會繼續說著主耶穌已經完成的偉大工作。已經猜到了,抹大拉瑪麗亞是一個靈媒,這不是很奇妙嗎 ? 我打賭你們將不會在任何書裡發現這個訊息。


I spoke to you about Mary Magdalene. That wasn't even her true name. She just happened to come from the Magdalenian family. Well, Magdalenian and Magdalene somehow got confused. Have you heard the hypothetical stories, if you will, that Mary Magdalene was a whole number of people gathered together in different forms? I tell you, my friends, that hypothesis may not have been so far off. On your Earth plane today Mary Magdalene would be considered a schizophrenic, or perhaps bi-polar, or certifiably incapacitated. You see, Mary Magdalene spoke in a number of voices that she carried with her at all times, as Master Jesus would verify for you. There were times when in conversation with Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene would stop momentarily, and when she spoke again, her voice came out in a deep baritone. The baritone would go on to tell Master Jesus of this great work that was being done. Some of you have already guessed it. Mary Magdalene was a medium. Isn't that amazing? I bet you won't find that piece of information in the books anywhere.


你們今日的真相是,你們活在一個無限的社會。我希望我能告訴你們這個道理一千遍,讓它成為一句真言,你們生活在光體的無限制社會。沒有什麼能提供創造者可以創造的。,創造者一直經歷的唯一的限制是,你們選擇不移動。那麼,你們如何連結創造者的能量呢 ? 在”自覺創造的十個原則”裡,有許多的工具和技巧,能帶你們超越你們的限制,或者你們感知到的限制。許多人說,我的靈媒在世界間行走。事實上,他行走在世界之內,並且在乙太結構內學習,也可以如此說。你稱呼的那裡,是個有著未被書寫的資訊的地方。


In the truth of what you are today, you live in a limitless society. I wish I could say it a thousand times and make it a mantra—you live in a limitless society of beings of light. There is no extent to what the Creator can create. The only limits that the Creator ever suffers are what you choose not to move to. So, how do you connect into this Creator energy? Many tools or techniques in the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating can take you beyond your limitation or your perceived limitations. Many say my medium walks between the worlds. In truth, he walks within the worlds and studies there in the “etheric” fabric, so to speak. Out there, as you call it, is where the unwritten information is.




Remember, Plato came from the same spectrum of light as you. When you return home, you don't give up all of this knowledge. You bring it home with you and you implant it into your higher self's energy, and your higher self's energy implants it into its soul family and its soul family implants it into the oversoul, and on into the Creator and all in between. So, what Plato said so many thousands of years ago is available to each of you.




You have access to all of this information, including the burned books, manuscripts, parchments, and the rolls upon rolls of information that was housed in the Alexandrian Library. After all, this information came from We the People, and that means it came from you. So, yes, you have access to it all.


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