Jennifer: Hi Ashian!There’s a lot being said about delegations and immanent viewings, meetings and all sorts of exciting things! I wondered if you wished to say anything on the subject.


Jennifer: 你好, Ashian! 有着很多存有在述说代表团和拜访、见面以及各种激动人心的东西!我想知道对此你是否想要说些什么


Ashian: Hello dear heart! We are delighted to align with you this day. Yes there is an enormous amount of energy going into the disclosure project at present and it is creating excitement both on planet and off planet.


Ashian: 你好,亲爱的!我们很高兴在这一天与你对齐。是的,当前有着大量的能量投入揭露项目,这在地球上和地球之外建立起了兴奋之情


Now let me share with you some of the details. The disclosure …well, it is not a disclosure to everyone, it is more of an introduction, face to face, for many of you. This will occur in a multi-faceted way.


现在,让我分享给你一些细节。揭露 ... 这不是一个面向所有人的揭露,它更多的是一个介绍,面对面,跟你们许多人。这会在一个多方面的方式中发生


There are millions of ships here, some are the size of planets, and some are very much smaller. Some will coordinate larger scale, formal introductions and some will be much …softer, gentler…one-to-one meetings, on the ground, on your ground, so that you may see us and interact with us and understand that we are, in so many ways, just like you.


这里有着成千上万的飞船,一些跟星球一样大,一些则非常小。一些会配合更大规模的正式介绍,一些会更 ... 柔和,温柔 ... 可以用来一对一的见面,在地面上,在你们的地面上,这样你可以见到我们,与我们交互,并明白,在许多方面,我们就和你一样


It is perhaps the latter that is most interesting to you, because this is how the vast majority of the populace will have their first experiences with us.Not through the more formalised ‘high level’delegations, but by being in the ‘right place at the right time’.




In this way, many, many of you will be meeting with many, many of us.This will, inevitably, be caught on camera by others and soon there will be a whole spate of videos showing humans and Galactic’s meeting peacefully, lovingly and joyfully.




This will happen so quickly, that it will be impossible to deny the truth of it and claim that they are hoax videos. Now, by quickly, I don’t mean in a few hours! It will start slowly enough, and then build up speed.




We are very, very close to the point where the resonance of humanity matchs the welcome resonance, the vibrational level where humanity’s light quotient is so high it assures us of a welcome and not a gun.




J: Wow! That’s rather a lot more than I was suspecting you would say!


J: 哇!这已经比我预期你会说的多得多了


Ashian: Sometimes we can surprise you!


Ashian: 有时我们会令你惊讶


J: So I know you measure vibration not time, but…!


J: 我知道你们衡量振动而不是时间,但 ...


A: No! I would not even dare! What I would say is that right now, every good thought counts. Every kind deed counts. Every wrong forgiven counts. These are subtle times, when you have enormous power and all action through the light has a magnified impact. By owning and using this power –power with –you are bringing that vibration closer moment by moment.


A: 不!我甚至不敢!我想说的是,此时此刻,每一个良好的想法都有用。每一个善举都有用。每一个宽恕都有用。这些是微妙的时期,你有着巨大的力量,所有透过光的行为都有着被放大的影响。通过掌握和使用这个力量 --- 伴随着这个力量 --- 你时时刻刻更加接近那个振动


J: So our thoughts, actions and intentions count?


J: 所以我们的思想、行为和意图都有作用吗?


A: Now more than ever. We leave you with our love. We are never far from you, indeed you might be surprised to know just how close we are to you all, so never fear that you are alone.


A: 比以往更有作用。我们伴随着我们的爱离去。我们从未远离你,确实你会惊讶地知道我们离你有多近,所以永远不要害怕你是孤身一人


J: Thank you. Is there anything you want to add in conclusion?


J: 谢谢。你还想添加些什么吗?


A: We are done! This is enough to digest in this moment!


A: 没有了!此刻这些东西足够你消化了


J: Thanks! Blessings to you all


J: 谢谢!祝福你们


A: And to all of you.


A: 也祝福你们



通灵:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan



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