Many of you would like to find a divine partnershipwhich we would describe as the highest vibrational relationship available to you at this time.Thinking of how exactly you will meet this person can feel like finding a needle in a haystack to youand this is what we would like to speak on today.




We have wonderful news! Your soul knows exactly where your beloved is.The way to begin your reconnection with your love(we say reconnection because your souls know each other very well already)is to first acknowledge their existence.The easiest way to do that is to start connecting through meditation.So still yourself and connect to that soul.Try not to get too caught up in the details of who they arewhere they liveor what they look like.Do not try to force it into being someone you know.Simply concentrate on the essence of how they feel.If you are finding it too difficult to not try to get information about this personimagine them holding you from behind so you can focus on their energynothing else.




Once you have made the vital acknowledgment of their existence and connected energeticallystart to incorporate your beloved into your daily life.Send them love.Say good morning to them.Imagine curling up with them energetically when you go to bed.You will then be holding the energy of the relationship as if it already existswhich will then activate it into your physical reality whenever the timing is perfect.You can get easier over the timing of itbecause you are already enjoying the relationship and know it can only get stronger and more profound as it continues to unfold into physical manifestation.




This is a powerful process because it switches your focus from worrydoubtand a focus on the lack of loveto excitementconnectionand acknowledging the existence of love.Once you have come together and fostered the relationship in this waythe question shifts from"How will you ever meet this person?」,to"How could the universe ever keep us apart?"~Archangel Gabriel






 翻译:Nick Chan



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