Antitoxins Protocol.



Greetings, Dear Family!



We are your Space Family and we have something to share with youin this special moment of your transition, which we have accompanied with greatdedication, joy and trust in you, as partners and pioneers of a great movement.



We, the Pleiadians, with the company of the Arcturians, wouldlike to share with you a simple technique to assist in the detoxification ofyour biological bodies.



It is the same technique that we apply to ourselves when weenter lower vibration dimensions and are wearing physical clothing.



You know that everything in the Universe is energy andeverything revolves around that energy.



Your physical bodies are only a condensation/compression of thatenergy, making it more palpable and capable of “presenting itself visually”within certain holograms/experiences.

你们的肉体仅仅是那些能量凝结 / 压缩的表现,目的是在特定的全息图 / 体验中,让体验更容易感知到,更能“从视觉层面呈现出来”。


So, your body is the one you can touch now, see it through themirror, or another human you can see, whether in person, on TV, in movies, etc.anyway, bodies. These bodies are a representation of this manifested centralenergy and are, we would say, a product of this product: ENERGY densified.Everyone already know this… We believe!



This energy has always been, has always existed, will alwaysexist. That’s another point you also know.



It does not matter how many bodies you change, this energy willalways be ENERGY. Bodies are a fabrication of ENERGY for itself to experienceitself.



In the middle of these bodies, more biologically speaking, thereis the center of that energy. And here we are not talking, specifically, of thesoul or spirit. We’re talking about something else.



We are talking about an energy center commanded by thesoul/spirit. So, it’s all energy, isn’t it?

我们说的是受灵 / 魂直接指挥的能量中心。因此,它也是能量,不是吗?


Nowlet’s think even more simply: “The existing ENERGY, that has been created incondensation to experience energies through an energy center coordinated byanother energy that controls the flow of other energies and that, in the end,adjust all the energies.”



In the center of your physical body there is this energeticcenter. More precisely in your chest, from where this energy is distributed tothe rest of the body/brain.

在你的肉体中央,有这样的能量中心。更确切地说,能量是从你的胸腔分配到身体 / 头脑的其他位置。


Antitoxins Protocol – Energy


Here is where “everything happens”. Nerve impulses, etc. Thisenergy center is what helps your entire body in its development, needs andeverything else that is needed for it.



This is a smart center, obviously. And this smart center hasmany defensive mechanisms and interesting techniques for even more interestingadjustments.



You have your medical professionals, who help you in yourbiological processes; nutritionists who help in your feeds; energetictherapists… Anyway, there is a lot of support, and what we are going to deliverhere is not to disable the above options, but to use them together, furtherenhancing your healing, detoxification and release processes, whether energeticor biological.



Thus, this energetic center, in addition to several other pointsof action in your bodies, has seven bands directed to seven points of yourbody.



When one of these points is pressed with your finger, or done bytherapist, that particular energy center will be driven to act faster, morequickly. It is as if a fan is running at medium/standard speed and you increasethe power.

当用手指按压身体的这些部位时,或者是由治疗师按压时,那个特定的能量中心就会更快地运作,更迅速地行动。就好像时当风扇以中速 / 标准速度在转动时,你增加了功率。


These seven points can be pressed, not necessarily all at once,but only one, the one you choose, will trigger a tremendous detoxifying effecton your body, accelerating the detoxification process of any level, be it biological(this also includes poison of some poisonous animal), spiritual or of any otherlevel, together a treatment with some professional of yours.



On a biological level, it will significantly help thedetoxification process.



We emphasize that our intention is to deliver a collaborativetool to these processes, not to disable or demean your professionals, who arealso members of our Fleets, acting/operating with their skills.



The Pleiadians Arcturians – “Protocol Antitoxins (Or Detoxification)”

昴宿星人大角星人— 解毒协议(或排毒协议)”


Ingeneral, these seven points empower the active central energy, accelerating theprocesses in your body. Obviously, it will not help you to run desperately,pressing a thousand times each point wanting everything to be arranged quickly,fast, light, immediate!!!



Do not forget that your body is intelligent so tightening thesepoints will be helpful if it is really needed. There will be an increase inenergy activity in your body if it is really required. But then you may ask,“If you are intelligent, you can solve yourself, if you will self-acceleratethen why do we have to squeeze?”



Herecomes the point: “The existing ENERGY which has been created in condensation toexperience energies from energies through an energy center coordinated byanother energy that controls the flow of other energies and that, in the end,adjust all the energies.”




YourTerran Self will be even more active, do you see? More participatory. And weknow that this is what you want, sometimes (or almost always). So great, huh?!



So, we are showing our partner (Neva/Zero i/Gabriel RL) the bodypoints where you need to apply the pressure for that specific job.

因此,我们向我们的伙伴( Neva/Zeroi/Gabriel RL )展示了身体的这些位置,你需要来按压,以帮助身体解毒。


As we said, there is no need to press the seven pointssimultaneously; just choose one intuitively. Press with one of your fingers fora few seconds and release. Again, and release. Again, and release. (Repeatthree times).



Asyou may be asking “how many seconds”, we can answer: ten (10) seconds. “Ah! Andif it’s less, will not it work?” Yes, but we indicate a minimum of five (5)seconds and a maximum of twenty-four (24) seconds. “Why three times?” Trust us.

你或许会问“按压多少秒?”,我们的答案是: 10 秒。你又会问“啊,如果我按压的时间少于十秒,会有效果吗?”当然。但是我们会说最少按压五秒,最多按压 24 秒。“为什么要重复三次呢?”相信我们就好。


The image below will give the idea of where these points are:





Antitoxins Protocol - The Seven Points



1) On the sole (plant) of your right foot, right in the centerof your foot.

2) In the right temporal region.

3) Palm of the left hand.

4) Left elbow.

5) Right hand index finger.

6) Left hand index finger.

7) Center of your forehead.

1)   位于右脚脚底,右足正中央的位置

2)   右太阳穴的位置

3)   左手手掌

4)   左手肘

5)   右手食指

6)   左手食指

7)   额头正中央

We hope we have been useful in some way, dear Earth Family.



We thank you for your attention and continuous dedication to theluminous services that have guaranteed jumps to your native environments, inthe brighter realms of this Universe.



We are your Space Family. We are the Pleiadians, in the companyof the Arcturians, and we deliver this message with great joy.







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