As you continue to move forward on your enlightenment journey, not only will your own freedom be paramount to you, so will the freedom of all other living beings.This shift reflects moving into your role of guide on earth, which naturally comes with the deep respect and honour of the free will of all.




Freedom supports the expansion of your soul and the souls of others. Many of you will make shifts that reflect the need for that freedom, creating lives that allow you to move with the flow rather than following set schedules, which for many of you, will start to feel more and more restrictive.




You will be creating employment for yourselves that gives you more flexibility to honour your need to move with the energies and express yourself in ways that bring you joy and allow you to be of your highest service while honouring your needs and beingness. For many of you this is essential for finding balance through your embodiment process.




You will also practice much more acceptance and allowing towards others, seeing each person as being divinely capable and well guided in their choices and experiences. This respect and honour for the sacred path and freedom of all living beings will allow much healing to occur and greater peace to naturally follow. This will ripple out to include deep respect and care for animals and all aspects of your planet, as well.




All of this supports not only your own expansion, but the expansion of the planet. It is through freedom and encouraged self expression that you will all find your highest service which always comes from being your truest expression of self. This will open the door for you to create new templates, new inventions, new discoveries, new acceptable ways of connecting and living your lives authentically which is the foundation of the creation of the new earth. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan



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