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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.




You have taken yourselves to so many different turning points on your journeys as a collective, and you have always taken the path that leads to ascension for humanity. You have had many opportunities to take yourselves down a different path, a path that would ultimately lead you to more third-dimensional experiences and the playing out of the same types of victim and perpetrator roles that youve been playing for eons in your solar system.




You have opted for a gradual shift. You have decided to take yourselves to the fifth dimension by focusing on what is in front of you in your personal lives, and by allowing yourselves to get triggered by what is happening on a national and international scale. When the option arises for humanity to experience some sort of gigantic, cataclysmic event, you always opt for a more peaceful transition, a more gentle one.




When you face the challenges, and the tragedies, and the traumas that are occurring in your own personal lives, that can seem very much like you are taking the route of the cataclysmic event. What is important to you is what matters the most, and when you are experiencing something that is very personal and very private and also very challenging and traumatic, you are doing tremendous work, and you are giving yourselves an opportunity to make the choice that you didnt make in Lemuria and you didnt make in Atlantis.




Now that you are ready to shift your consciousness, recognize that the Earth is ready as well. The Earth is supporting you on your journey. The extra-terrestrials that are here to help you are supporting you, and we are of course coming through vessels like our channel here to serve and to help in whatever way that we can.




However, and we want to make this very clear, you as a human collective are making the choice to ascend in the way that you are ascending. It is not a decision that was made before you incarnated. It is not a decision that is being made for you. It is your decision because you realize that having your own personal experiences and holding compassion in your hearts for others as a result of those experiences is what serves you and the collective the most.




We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.





翻译:Nick Chan



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