Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light, I am KaRa and it is with great honour I greet you today.




For what you are currently going through is the final purge, the final push of all that is not in alignment with Source. You are purging and pushing this out of your BEing and we are standing at the ready to transmute it on your behalf. For you cannot move forward and integrate these higher vibrations, with the current energies still residing in your four body system.




It is a challenging time, yes, but know it will soon shift, and by the end of this month of May, you will be a new BEing, a new and upgraded Child of Light, ready to step forth and take up the missions you have designated yourselves.


这是一个具有挑战性的时刻,确实,但知晓,它很快会转变,在这个 5 月底,你会是一个新的存在,一个新的升级的光之子,准备好前进,拾起你给自己指定的任务


So fret not about the current turmoil that you may face in your life, and instead allow for it to pass.Holding on to the emotions and energies that come up, does not serve you and only draws out this process, making it harder on your physical body and mental well-being. Allow dear ones, and let these negative energies and feelings flow out of you, don’t hold on to them and don’t dwell on them, for they are not you, do not make them anymore a part of you than they already are. Release them to us and allow for this shift to occur and before you know it, you won’t know yourself, as in you will be a totally new expression of yourself, your old ways, your old BEing will be gone, transmuted, and you will be ready for the grand times that await you.




It is important to rest during this month, as this process occurs, and just allow, that is the key, allow it all to occur and most importantly, allow it all to release.




Do not dwell or fret dear ones. We are with you now more than ever and we are in service to all of you. Allow us to help you and it will be so.




I Am KaRa and I leave you now with my love and blessings as we assist you in transmuting all that was into ALL THAT IS.






翻译:Nick Chan



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