great ones,




3 days ago the earth alliance received the largest cache of event intel ever, from benevolent light forces here in our solar system!


3 天前,地球联盟收到了有史以来最大的事件信息缓存,从处于我们太阳系的仁慈的光之力量那里


this information is in the form of cryptic light language when it arrives and must be decoded using special primers or keys that certain primary earth alliance members hold!




the last cache of data has taken 72 man-hours to fully decode and will be broadcast to the starseeds of earth today as the 77 gateway to the central sun is open!


最新的数据缓存花费了 72 个小时来完全解码,随着通往中央太阳的 77 门户开启就会向星际种子广播


we can tell you that a major, major shift occurred on july 4th that opened the door fully to the new earth and complete disclosure even at the deepest levels of governments, has now been confirmed!


我们可以告诉你在 7 4 日发生的一个重大转变开始了通往新地球的大门,完全揭露,甚至在政府最深层,现已被确认


a full revelation of all things that have been hidden from the beings on this planet is about to be unveiled and you are going to witness it all!




did you think the ascension would never happen?




did you think the darkness would control the earth forever?




remember great one the event is not a 3d event that happens in one day or one hour and it was set into full motion around 9-11 of 2018 and just reached a major apex on july 4th!


记住,伟大的一们,事件不是一个 3D 的事件,会发生在某一天或某个时刻,它在 2018 9 11 日左右完全启动,在 7 4 日到达一个重大的高潮


the event will continue unfolding up to 2020 until the earth is fully liberated and humans are finally told the truth in a way they can handle!


事件会继续展开直达 2020 年,直到地球完全解放,人类终于在他们可以应付的方式中被告知真相


things had to be done slowly because the truth is too shocking for unconscious humans to receive all at once!




the plan now is for powerful current world leaders to begin announcing disclosure and hidden truths through mainstream media outlets via a soft disclosure.




this has already begun and will increase!




a major announcement about extraterrestrial beings visiting earth is going to be broadcast to the world within the next 60 days!


一个关于外星存在访问地球的重大公告会在接下来的 60 天向全世界广播


light beings have been given a green light go to quickly begin moving humanity forward now in their conscious evolution!




you are going to witness wonderful things in the coming weeks that you would never have thought were possible here!




as earth alliance messengers we have also been given the green light go to start bringing this amazing data to you for the first time!




our galactic reporting is going to now move into a more powerful phase as the event continues to unfold!




all of the information we bring is from high-level, reputable sources that has scientific and verifiable backing!




the light has won great one and we assure you that all darkness is being eradicated from the earth space as we speak!




a global revolution of consciousness is underway and it is super exciting!




standby for the main earth alliance transmission in the coming hours!









通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan









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