Beloved children of The One.




With great pleasure and joy I greet you all into the immense love of Our Creator.




There is a large flame being lit in this galaxy, and that´s a reason for huge celebration. This flame is pure and simply the new Consciousness Light based upon the Fire of Love that began to shine bright in the center of the galaxy. It won´t be seen by the eyes of this dimension for the next decades, as its frequency is so high, and this means it resides in the seventh dimension for keeping its power of action intact.




(by AndreiPavel)


This pink flame is one more tool provided by the Greater Plan to us aiming the darkness to be completely consumed in this galaxy. This flame is capable to attract and eliminate darkness in a balanced and respectful way.




(by Toast-san)


That means even the flame is aware of respecting free will for the ones who still wish to remain in the darkness; but for the ones ready to walk the path of Light it will automatically be activated along the journey of transformation whoever wishes. This will greatly speed the cleansing process for everybody, as for mankind there´s its part of darkness but all of you will receive the help of this flame as soon as you get ready to understand and accept the shadows inside your consciousness.




Certainly we will be ready for whatever you need, as we all belong to each other, no matter if you don´t remember, you all are our family and our siblings.




I love you in the love of One.




I am Mary.




通灵:Luciana Attorresi

翻译:Nick Chan





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