My dear friends, we love you so very much,




Inside each of you, a pure loving consciousness trying to come to the surface and express itself through your unique and beautiful personality.




This is the Divine consciousness – the consciousness of Love itself. As you already know, although One, the Divine has many expressions and an infinite number of forms. Each one of you is nothing less than this Divine love, simply having an experience as a human being.


这是神圣的意识 --- 爱的意识。正如你已经知道的,尽管一,神有着诸多的表达和无限的形态。你们每个人都不比这个神圣之爱要差,都只是在拥有一个人类的体验


Many of you know this concept. You have heard it. You may even agree with it. But can you fathom that what lives in you is nothing less than the love which creates universes? It dreamed you into being. It dreamed all of the known creation into being. All that exists, including you, lives and abides within the consciousness of the Creator. There are no exceptions.




When you look at the natural creation – the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the grasses, flowers, birds, and animals – you are seeing the pure expressions of the Divine. When you taste your food, you experiencing the flavors of the Divine. When you behold a sunset you are looking into the light of the Divine, and when you touch another with a comforting hand you are reaching out and allowing God, through you, to comfort another.


当你看向自然的造物 --- 太阳、月亮、星星、树木、草地、花朵、鸟儿和动物 --- 你在看向神的纯粹表达。当你品尝食物,你在体验神的风味。当你看一出日落,你在看向神的光,当你伴随着安慰的举动触碰另一个人,你在伸出手并让神,通过你,来安慰另一个人


When you look at your own eyes in the mirror or into he eyes of another – to the degree that you are not clouding your thoughts with judgments or criticisms – you are looking into the eyes of God. This is true, whether you look into the eyes of one you love, or the eyes of one you hate. The “windows” into the soul may be pure and clear, or muddied by fear and misunderstanding, but nonetheless deep within all of you lies nothing less than Love.


当你在镜中看向自己的眼睛或看向另一个人的眼睛 --- 在你并未被评判或批评遮蔽你思想的情况下 --- 你在看向神的眼睛。这是真的,无论你是看向所爱之人的眼睛,还是所恨之人的眼睛。通往灵魂的“窗户”可能是纯净的,清晰的,或者被恐惧和误解模糊,但不管怎样,你们的内在深处所蕴藏的都不比爱要差


You are all innocent and pure on the inside. Some of you are hurt and you shut down. Some of you are hurt and you hurt others. Some of you are aware of the love that lives within you. Some are not. And yet it is ever present, no matter the situation or circumstances. You cannot diminish this love, nor can you lose it. You can only experience it, or not.





There is no separation, dear ones. There is only pure love attempting to make itself known in your life and indeed throughout all of life. Look for it. “Seek and ye shall find.” When you believe in the love that lives within and beneath all of creation, you will begin to experience it more and more in your daily lives!




God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels


上帝保佑你!我们非常地爱你 --- 天使


通灵:Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan





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