Many of you have used vision boards to represent what you would like to manifest in your lives.Along that linewe have a suggestion to help you capture the essence of what you would like to experience.




Why not create some manifestational art? You do not need to be an artist to do so.You simply need to be clear about what it is you would like to create in your life and go from there.This is a very effective practicebecause it involves intentioncreationand allows you to immerse yourself in the energetic essence of what is desired.The act of the creation of the artlike all flows of creationputs you in alignment with Source energyand when you are in alignment you are in the ideal energies for manifestation.




Your art does not need to be of any specific sortor particularly skillful.All that matters is that you know what your intention and energy infusion was to your pieceand that you enjoyed creating it.




So perhaps you wish to experience more peace in your life.While creating with the intention of peaceyou might be drawn to colours that make you feel peaceful.You would be thinking the word peace in your mind as you were creatingwhich would be infusing your art with the energy you wish to experience more of.You would then be holding the peacewhich will make you magnetic to more peace.Then every time you would see your artyou would remember that feeling and anchor it into your existence even more.




Creation can be easy and funDear Ones! Don't hold yourselves back just because you feel you aren't skilled enough.It is simply about feelingand you can capture that easily in whatever way feels natural to youeven if it is just combining some colours on a page.You might be surprised at how enjoyableand effectiveit is.~Archangel Gabriel






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