Greeting my sweet Annas! I am Mare’, I am Universal Mother Mary, I am your Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Compassion and Hope and Mother of All. Yes, dearest children of my heart, I love and cherish each and every one of you, and whether or not you turn to me consciously for love, support, and nurturing, or nourishment of your soul, I am with you always. I find my way into your hearts one way or another because you are never, ever left alone, for I am always with you.


问候,我亲爱的 Annas !我是 Mare’ ,我是圣母玛利亚,我是你的母亲,爱的母亲,慈悲、希望和万物的母亲。是的,我心爱的孩子们,我爱和珍惜着你们每个人,无论你是否有意识地转向我来寻求爱、支持、培育或滋养你的灵魂,我总是与你在一起。我会想办法进入你的心,因为你从未孤身一人,因为我总是和你在一起


You, the ones reading these messages my sweet angels, are great at finding your way home into my heart for reassurance and for the replenishment of your energies and strength. And, yes dear ones, I am speaking to you because you are my messengers, and I want you to take this Love – My Love – to everyone, and share it with the ones who are in dire need of light and support.


你,阅读这些信息的人,我亲爱的天使,非常善于找到回家的路并进入我的心来找到安慰并补充你的能量和力量。是的,亲爱的一们,我在跟你说话,因为你是我的信使,我想要你拾起这个爱 --- 我的爱 --- 带给每个人,与急需光和支持的人分享它


You are finally understanding that this lifetime, this journey you are undertaking, is not about being right or wrong, it is not about sacrifice or solving karmic debt, nor about having others pay any dues to others or to you. This lifetime is not about any of the extremes of the duality of the old third- dimensional world, but about balancing all of those parts of self, positive and negative, and then rising above all of them.




It is about empowering and accepting yourself where you are. It is about loving you in this moment, regardless of where you find yourselves in your journey, just as I love and accept you utterly and unconditionally.




Dear hearts, there are no buts or conditions or reasons why you would have to postpone loving yourselves and everyone else just as I do – I adore you! Open and receive My Love and let go of any blockages and fears that suggest to you that this is not so.


亲爱的心,没有但是或情况或理由去推迟爱自己和每个人,就像我那样 --- 我崇拜着你!敞开,接收我的爱,放下任何提示你这些都不是真的的阻塞和恐惧


Enjoy feeling loved and accepted, and allow others to feel your love and acceptance of them without you having to explain it, and without trying to teach them by using wise words or by giving them your advice.




My brave angels of love, my warriors of light and peace, you have taken upon yourselves some of the heavy and dense energies of the third and outdated world on purpose, and with great courage and faith. Faith in My Love for you, but mostly faith in yourself, faith in your ability to remember always who you are and where you are coming from – pure and infinite love!


我勇敢的爱之天使,我光与平和的战士,你有意地拾起了一些三维和过时的沉重 / 稠密能量,伴随着巨大的勇气和信念。对我对你的爱的信念,但主要是对自己的信念,对你总是能够忆起你是谁,你来自哪里的能力的信念 --- 来自纯净、无限的爱


There is nothing else that is, and only that is real, the love that you are! Your divine plan is complex and extremely beautiful, very wise indeed, with the great purpose of helping and assisting in removing and eliminating those dense energies from humanity’s consciousness.




Your plan is to allow the light and the love to touch and teach the ones in need who will be attracted to you effortlessly, and then to allow them to fill with hope and with the vision of another way of life, the Nova way.




The new way of love, the compassionate, kind, and cooperative way, where there is no judgment or competition of any sorts. Where there is no doubt or fear in one’s ability to be love and to be the Creator Self, bringing beautiful worlds and reality into form, while at the same time trusting that everyone else has everything that they need to find their way back into My heart, and into the fullness and wholeness of their own magnificent selves.




Stay with My Love and stay with My Peace! Farewell.




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan





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