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I am Judas Iscariot and today I come to calm many worried hearts. That which is supposed to happen will do so. Do not worry much about that, but enjoy your day and be in the now. It is in your now that you find yourself and is secure in all that happens. It is your inner development that is true and gives you your correct perspective. Believe me when I say that it is you who change the reality on Earth. Your inner reality changes your outer reality. There is a great number of people on Earth that let their inner reality manifest in the outer reality. Many more people can adopt this reality when it has manifested in the collective field. It is there and taking roots in many hearts now and this is why such major events are taking place on Earth today. You consist of a collective unit, and a sufficiently large number of people that share a certain reality can get this reality to manifest in the outer reality. Now there is a mass awakening under way since more and more people start to share this reality. It is this reality, which they now want to build together with everybody else that have the same belief and trust in all that is. It is an awakening to yourselves, to those that you truly are, here and now, if you just believed in yourselves and the ability that you carry within you.




Please believe in yourself and let the heart speak to your mind rather than the other way around. The mind tears down what the heart builds up. The mind needs to follow and listen to the heart in order for the construction to become sustainable. It is the higher version of your selves that needs to be heard and seen in the world that is being built. The mind or the ego cannot take charge here. Then the construction will stagnate. It is the voice of the heart that should be heard and followed in these days. You all have this voice inside you and it is that which must guide you now the whole way until it becomes automatic and you are the one that you are deep inside The masks are gone and you appear with your full shine as the beautiful and wonderful being that you are.


请相信自己,让心对你的头脑说话,而不是相反。头脑拆毁心所建立的。头脑需要跟随和聆听于心,以便让建物变得坚韧。你更高版本的自己需要被听到和看到,在建立的世界中。头脑或小我不能在那掌管。否则建物会停滞。心的声音应该被听到并跟随,在这些天。你们都有着这个声音,它定会指引你,一路上,直到这变成自发性地,你是你内在深处的那个人 --- 面具消失,你呈现出如你所是的美丽和奇妙光芒


BE IN YOUR HEART IT IS NOW ENORMOUSLY IMPORTANT as then all that you have dreamt about will manifest. You want to have your beautiful dream in your reality, dont you? Then become steadily truthful to your heart and your dream will be at your feet. This dream, which also is many others dream, as you spin your dream together and help each other to form it in the reality that you live in right now.


处于你的心中 --- 现在非常重要,因为如此你所有的梦想才会显化。你想要实现你美丽的梦想,是不是?那么稳定地忠于心,你的梦想会实现。这个梦想,也是许多人的梦想,因为你们一起旋转梦想,帮助彼此在你生活的现实成型它


This is a wonderful time of unity and love. Let the love blossom and spread further far and wide. Your unity is your strength so use it and everything will go like a dance. Feel in your heart that you carry many peoples dreams and you can calmly work in the knowledge that all will be perfect and that God is with you. In trust to yourself and your Creator you will create wonders that in one beat will change Earth to a paradise it once was.




Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah


哈利路亚 ... ... ...


Yes, it is a wonderful time that is waiting. There are many expectant hearts on Earth and they shine as small fireballs a bit all over the Earth.




Take each other by the hand now and dance this last dance of the matrix on Earth. Let it fall and let a new more creative dance take shape.




I love you so much.








原文: http://sananda.website/judas-iscariot-via-ann-dahlberg-july-4th-2017/

通灵: Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan




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