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Selamat Jalwa! Some additional progress is steadily being made.The major problems that we have discussed previously with the older and morelimiting banking system are systematically being corrected. This will allow thedelivery group to again move forward to a phase where delivery is once againfeasible. We expect that the current July parameters can be easily met. Thiscontinuing movement implies that a series of our particular recommendations isnow being put into use. There is a need to understand the immensities of thiscomplex operation, and to realize what happened in the near past. All participantsare determined to resolve any impediments that can occur.


Selamat Jalwa! (Be inEverlasting Joy!) 天狼星语,处在永恒的喜悦中。正在取得一些额外的进展。我们之前所讨论的更加限制性的旧银行系统的问题正在被系统性地更正。这会使得交付团队可以再次推进到一个交付再次变得可行的阶段。我们期待当前的七月变量可以很容易地被满足。这持续的运动意味着一系列我们特定的推荐现在正被投入使用。需要理解这项复杂操作的广大性,也需要意识到在前些年所发生的事情。所有参与者都决心解决任何可能发生的困难。                                                        

   There is a series ofmajor corrections that are to lead to the successes that were part of theinitial stages of this delivery program. All parties wish deeply to concludethis process as soon as is truly possible. It has not been easy to carry outthis extremely complicated task. There have been numerous unexpected situationsthat cropped up and can now be quickly resolved. Despite what was encountered,the means are currently in place to permit delivery to occur. It is this vitalprocess that we now intend to discuss.




   At present, the currentprocess is highly dependent on banks that use outmoded methods to act assponsors. We intend to divorce this operation from those banks and would likethem to be eliminated. You can then rely on financial institutions that canmirror the type of future banks that we intend to emulate. The newly createdbanks can then store finances in a proper, bulletproof trust. This naturalorganic procedure can also support the legitimate rise of the NESARA Republic.That is our true goal.




   This type of model canalso permit the prosperity to more quickly envelop all. This procedure is,after all, the reason for the RV and its companion, the GCR. Elements arepresently in place that merely need to be properly employed. We thank allconcerned who are making this possible. What is required is simply to be boldand provide for means that can swiftly make this universal prosperity and newgovernance a reality. This process is to provide new ways of doing things, andit is this particular thought that we intend to express to all concerned!




   Namaste! We are yourAscended Masters! There exists in all humanity an expectant dream of totalspiritual liberation. The cabals in charge of humanity wish deeply that such awelcome dream never happened. It is the power of this dream that has permittedhumanity to oust the dark and allow the Light fully in. Long ago, it was forecastthat there was to be a time when weapons of war and division were to be beateninto plowshares, so peace could reign. This is presently occurring around thiswondrous blue-green orb. We thank all in Heaven and Earth that are faithfullymaking this blessing-filled dream come true.




   You are near a definingmoment wherein you are to see the restart of your fabled history. It is noteasy to do so. Yet you, Dear Ones, are about to accomplish this incrediblefeat. Your inner abilities are swiftly mounting. Be ready, my Children, toaccept a whole host of Heavenly miracles that have been far too long in coming.Despite having experienced many obstacles, they are indeed coming. Theseextraordinary but marvelous events are to signal that you are truly free andsovereign Beings of this new realm. This is unfolding to enable multiple eventsthat are to symbolize your freedom and your endless prosperity! So rejoice andknow in your Hearts that all is about to be well.




   In this time of wonders,many amazing events are to gloriously manifest. Take these as portents thatHeaven is more than ready to assist and clearly prove that you are not alone.We Masters, and indeed all of Heaven, are behind you. What lies ahead is ameans to give you courage and to firm up your resolve to be triumphant. Setaside your frustrations and take up your sacred cause. The Age of the dark isending, and the Time of the Light is now upon you. Be encouraged, and act in amanner that truly mirrors this most divine time. It is when the Light and allits wonderment is to finally fully shine upon you!!




   Today, we continued ourweekly report of what is transpiring around this globe. We are entering a timewhen many wondrous events are to give us our prosperity and provide us all withnew governance. Let us thank all those whose tireless acts have made all thispossible. Know, dear Ones, that the countless and never-ending supply of Heavenis yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be InJoy!)


今天,我们继续了我们有关在这个世界周围正在发生的事情的每周报导。我们正进入一个时间,在其中许多美妙的事件会给予我们繁荣并为我们人提供新政府。让我们感谢所有那些不知疲倦地行动使得所有这一切变成可能的人们。亲爱的人们,要知道天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)




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