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Dratzo! We are on the verge of a wondrous set of events. Itseems that all the obstacles we encountered have been dealt with and we arejust about ready for the initial group of deliveries. These currencies are tobe gold-backed and are to contain US notes. There are to be no Federal Reservedollars in these assigned deliveries. Hence, they are to spell the demise ofthe US Federal Reserve and quite shortly are to signal the formal rise of yournew NESARA Republic. This simply means that we are to officially observe thestart of a number of major arrests of the heinous scalawags of the dark. OhHappy days for us all!!


问候!我们处在一系列奇妙事件的边缘了。似乎我们遇到的所有障碍已经被处理了,我们就要为最初的交付准备好了。这些货币会是黄金支撑的货币,并且会包括(财政部)美元。在这些指定的交付中将不会有美联储的美元。因此,它们会意味着美联储的死亡并且很快会标志着你们新 NESARA 共和国的出现。这只意味意味着我们会正式地观看到对黑暗的可憎的无赖汉的许多大逮捕的开始。哦,这是对我们所有人来说幸福的日子!!


   These coming times areto ultimately demonstrate the deep commitment of those in charge to giving usour prosperity and the formal establishment of our NESARA Republic. We aretruly grateful to all in both Heaven and Earth for finishing their grandassignments! This is no small achievement. It simply implies that all is nowwell and in good order. Much is still left to be done. Hence, ready yourselvesto earnestly commence your grand preliminaries and, in divine purpose, achieveyour sacred projects to better humanity and this magnificent realm! May you allbe blessed by Heaven for your wondrous patience!


这即将到来的时间会最终展示那些负责给我们繁荣和正式建立我们 NESARA 共和国的人们的诚恳保证。我们真地非常感激所有在天堂和地球上为完成他们宏大任务的人们!这不是小成就。这只意味着现在一切都很好并有条不紊。仍有许多事情要做。因此,请让你们自己准备好最诚挚地开始你们宏大的初步准备,并且,在神圣目的中,实现你们神圣项目来改善人类和这个壮丽的领域!为你们美妙的耐心祝你们所有人都受到天堂的祝福!


   There is much that canbe said about the events of the day. What is deeply required is a true returnto honesty. For the last two decades, we have seen how those in power openlyflaunt their positions. The present time is indeed the moment for this tofinally stop, particularly for those who so arrogantly saw us in a most unkindlight. In other words “off with their heads!” Good-bye to the Powers that were!A most marvelous welcome to those who now come to forever change the order ofthis realm The old power must be ready to face the consequences of theiractions. In this regard, we rejoice in the arrests that are expected to followand wish them to fully face the results of their unsavory actions.


有关当今的事件有许多事情可以说。所深深需要的是回归诚实。在过去的 20 年里,我们已经看到那些当权者们如何公开地夸耀他们的地位。当前时间的确是这一切最终终结的时刻,尤其是对于那些如此傲慢自大地以最无情的角度看待我们的人们。换句话说,“砍掉他们的脑袋!” 对过去那些掌权者说再见!给那些现在前来永远地改变这个领域的秩序的人们一个最了不起的欢迎。旧权力一定要准备好面对他们行为的后果。就这一点而言,我们因这逮捕而感到欢喜,这逮捕预期会接下来发生,并希望他们完全面对他们令人讨厌的行为的后果。


   It has long been knownby the Light that this grand day was destined to arrive. The process of “takingout” the upper crust trash has now come and they will ultimately be gone. Wesalute those who showed the courage to complete their ordained tasks. It is noteasy to formally end eras of untold abuse by those who exercised power. It isan even greater accomplishment for those chosen for this much-needed task tohave so brilliantly carried out their most luscious duty! A grand final saluteto all who carried out this magnificent job! Hurrah! Hurrah to the new realm!




   Namaste! We are yourAscended Masters! We begin this message slightly dazed and confused by all theattention generated. All that has emerged is a strange series of proclamationsthat are all too common in this very weird reality. Heaven is doing all tofinally return this reality to a semblance of sanity. The dark cabal seems destinedto shortly meet its end. Heaven has also set up the demise of this most unkindreality, and we are close to a time when all comes to a most benevolentconclusion. The time of miracles is upon us!!





   Let us think of this asthe moment when your much-disappointed globe is permitted to turn its unholyweapons into a most welcome series of plowshares. It is when old thoughts ofwar, disruption and national hatreds are to conclude. Permit us, Sirs, to bringabout a much-anticipated Peace as the true order of the day! It is also a timeto celebrate this newly brewed Age of Love and Light. A time to bring forthmany special moments to honor prosperity and Heaven’s divine Light! In thisLight we bless all and again thank Heaven for all that is about to manifest.Hosanna! Hosanna!




   What is occurring iscause and effect for the sacred decrees of the Heavenly Host. Rejoice,humanity, and return these divine blessings with true appreciation for what isso lovingly given you by the sacred and the divine! Indeed this is magicallybecoming a series of sacred moments from Beyond! It has taken far too long forall to manifest before you. Now is a time when, in joy, you can joyfullymanifest all that you originally came here to accomplish. So as it is said, BeOne in purpose and in thanks for all that you are allowed to do.




   Today, we havecontinued our weekly global report. As you can see, events are unfolding thatfinally allow us to near the end of these inglorious times. Know in your heartthat the countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is indeed yours! So Be It!Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja! (In Sirian Be One! And Be in Joy!)


今天,我们已经继续了我们每周全球报导。就像你们能够看到那样,事件正在展开,并最终允许我们接近了这些可耻的时代的终点。亲爱的人们,在你们的心中,要知道天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它! Selamat Gajun Selamat Ja !(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)






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