Greetings dear ones, I bid you good tidings, in these times of seeming chaos. Yet, under the veil of what seems to be chaos and suffering, is indeed great tidings. Perhaps the greatest of tidings you did not expect. For something is brewing beneath the surface that will elate you beyond any joy you can possibly imagine.




We have come through this one before and said this that it is time to get excited! And indeed, it is beloveds, our dear brothers and sisters of the surface population. From what is growing, what is occurring beneath the surface is of such magnitude, such joy, such love and such light that it will transform the very fabric of who you are, your world, the surface, the inner earth, everywhere! This is part of the great cosmic plan, it is all unfolding as it should be dear ones. Do not worry, do not fear, do not buy into any of the propaganda that you are hearing in the surface population media, or anywhere, that you hear tidings of fear and propaganda that causes you to come out of your heart centre, out of your truth. For that which takes you out of your truth, out of your heart centre, is not real. It is but a designed distraction.




Dear ones, my dear brothers and sisters, it is so important, as we like so often to remind you, to keep heart centred. Feel for the truth of anything that comes your way… Does your heart see it as truth, or does it see it as false?


我亲爱的兄弟姐妹们,居中于心是如此重要,就像我们经常提醒你的。感受向你前来的任何东西的真实性 ... 你的心视它为真理还是虚假?


Learn not to question things with your mind, but discern with your heart. This is a truth instrument, an innate ability to discern that which is true and that which is not. Your heart sees all my dear brothers and sisters! It always has! But you have the freewill choice, do you not, to use your mind, which of course relies on your previous experiences.




I will go a little slower… this one is having a little difficulty, bringing through at the pace at which we’re sending… This is ok, it is late for this one, so we slow our message.As we have said (I can feel a group from Telos as well as Adama are present with this message) it is indeed time for you to get excited beloveds. Very excited!


我会慢一点说 ... 这位管道有点难以处理我们发送信息的速度 ... 这没关系,对这位管道来说天色已经很晚了,所以我们慢一点说。如我们所说(我可以感到来自泰勒斯的一个团体和阿达玛一起存在)这确实是去兴奋起来的时间,亲爱的。非常兴奋!


Your minds on the other hand will want to know what you are getting excited about (smiling). You do not need to know the details to become excited, this excitement already exists in your heart. Give yourself the freedom, the time to go into your heart centre. Feel, live and be that excitement.






If you allow yourselves to go into your sacred chamber, that beautiful space of your sacred heart space, you will see what is to unfold. We do not need to appeal to your mind with concepts and foretelling’s. For this will not make much sense to your mind, but it makes perfect sense to your heart, to your truth beloveds, perfect sense indeed. And when you are there, you will feel that absolute peace and bliss of your higher self, the truth that you are to become, that you are shortly, all that have chosen to do so, will become.


如果你让自己去进入神圣的内在,你神圣之心的那个美丽空间,你会看到什么在展开。我们不需要用概念和预言吸引你的头脑。因为对你的头脑来说这些东西会是不合理的,但对你的心来说会是合理的,你亲爱的完美的真理感官。当你处于那里,你会感到更高自我的绝对平和与极乐、你在成为 / 你很快就会成为的真理,你们所有都选择这么做的人


You have yet to experience the full elation of fully embodying your higher self into a physical body. Many of you have achieved this in but moments, but to do so constantly forever more… Wow, what a feeling beloveds, you are about to awaken to. This is a great treasure of a time. Feel in your hearts, of this time, for what it is. It truly is the most wonderful of times, that we here in Telos are so absolutely excited, so in awe, of what you are about to enter into, beyond your wildest dreams. Please, please, please feel for this excitement in your hearts. Become one with this excitement, live this excitement, tune out all that is of untruth, that just distracts you. For it just distracts you and attempts to pull you away from your heart centre, from this truth that you are walking. Believe it not beloveds, believe in this truth that you hold within you as universal truth, that is the oneness that you are. The truth of all that is.


你还未体验在物理身体中完全体现你更高自我的全面喜悦。你们许多人在片刻中做到了,但无法永远持续 ... 哇,亲爱的,你就要觉醒至多么棒的一个感受。这是一个伟大的宝藏。在心中感受它的所是。这确实是最奇妙的时刻,泰勒斯的我们非常兴奋,非常敬畏你就要进入的东西,超越你最狂野的梦想。请在你的心中感受这个兴奋之情。与这个兴奋之情成为一体,活出这个兴奋之情,关闭所有虚假的东西,它只会令你分心。试图让你远离你的心之中央,远离真理。不要相信它,亲爱的,相信你在内在保持的真理,那就是你所是的合一。一切万有的真理


Every sentient being in this universe has the ability to do this. You simply have to choose. Many of you, most of you have chosen on some level, consciously, or by pre-incarnation agreement to do so.




We implore you, move into your heart space beloveds. For you will truly see and feel, what we feel here in Telos, and the many beautiful and wonderful galactic brothers and sisters that you have helping you, feel as well.




These are indeed the most amazing times beloveds. It is what you came here for. This is it! These are the times, this is the moment.




And we now leave you in this in-breath, before the still point, for the still point is coming, and the still point is within you.




We bid you farewell for now, our beloved brothers and sisters of the surface population. What an amazing time you are about to enter. Feel it, live it, love it. For everything you seek and have ever sought, is in your heart centre, right there for you.




Good bye for now, we love you all so much.




Adama of Telos.





翻译:Nick Chan



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