新纪元扬升之光 2018-07-11 21:55


Archangel Michael via Genoveva Coyle,July 9th, 2018




Be true to yourselves, stand in integrity, and follow only the direction and theguidance of your soul.



Greetingsdear ones! Greetings! I am Mi-ka-el, I am Archangel Michael, Archangel of Loveand Truth, Warrior of Peace and Light, your protector, your brother and friendalways.



I come today to speak to you about integrity and about truth. Icome to assist you in understanding that when you are intending to be thevoice of truth in every aspect of the world, then you are being supported bymyself directly. Allowyourselves to speak that which your heart is saying to you because it is of thetruth, and let go of fears and worries of being judged or of being misperceivedand misunderstood.



Inthe Nova Earth you need to stand in integrity at all times, and therefore actupon that which your soul and your heart is saying is appropriate. Respondingfirmly in the positive way to the ones who ask you to be nice and twistthe truth for them is to respond with loving kindness, and is the way you freeyourselves from the old ways in which you felt the need to compromise so thatyou could survive and be at peace somehow.



Yourobligation, dear hearts, is to be true to yourselves and to follow only thedirection and the guidance of your soul. Stop allowing others to attempt tosolve their needs and agendas by taking advantage of your big heart, and of thelove that you are extending generously to everyone.



Saying “no” and setting healthy boundaries is love. In doing so you honor yourselves greatly, and at thesame time you give back more love and power to the ones that are asking,unreasonably, for your cooperation, than if you were to silence and step overthe voice of your own intuition and guidance.



Whenyou do so there is a great and multifaceted lesson for everyone concerned,especially when you act upon that “no” with confidence and strength whileremaining peaceful and unapologetic. More often than not you will find out thatthe response you get is relief and acceptance, for everyone knows when they arecrossing boundaries and are adding more to their karmic debt.



Onthe other hand, you are not required to offer others more good deeds to provethat you are kind and loving. In fact, the Mother would never ask you to bealways the giver or, even worse, to be the one that always sacrifices and takeschances – the martyr complex.



Whatyou are asked, dear hearts is to be in balance, to follow the peace of yourhearts and choose to be free of any inappropriate obligations. And that meansthat you allow everyone to move further along their own paths freely andunburdened.



Followthe guidance of your hearts at all times. Ask me to assist you to stand strongin your truth and know that you are always supported in every decision andendeavor that you take to release and eliminate the dis-empowerment of the oldthird dimensionality that has kept humanity enslaved for thousands and thousandsof years.



Staywith my love, with my peace, and with my sword of truth. Farewell.







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