Dear Ones,




We would like to address your need to nurture not only yourself but those around you. Perhaps you respond that you are tired of nurturing others.




We are speaking of allowing others to be without judgment. Even though that might seem almost impossible during this time of chaos, such is your gift to those you love. For they too are scrambling to find their place while of earth.




Just as is true for you, the followers are testing their skills and interests. Perhaps you question if such is true given that many are yet of 3D. Truthfully, those you wish to interact with are either of 5D or on the path to be of 5D. Those deeply ensconced in 3D hold little interest for you now.


就像你,跟随者在测试他们的技能和兴趣。也许你会质疑这是否真实,鉴于许多人依旧是 3D 的。说实话,那些你希望交互的人要么是 5D 的要么在前往 5D 的路上。那些深陷 3D 的人目前对你没什么兴趣


Some of you might believe that your workplace or school is filled with 3D personalities; you do not wish to interact with or help. Such is a 3D stance that has little to do with new you. For indeed, if those surrounding you were of a much different frequency, you could not interact with them in any capacity as has been displayed by those of you who have moved to a new location, exited positions, or changed schools.


你们一些人可能认为你的工作场所或学校充满了 3D 的人;你不喜欢与之交互或帮助。这是一个 3D 的姿态,和新的你没什么关系。确实,如果周围的人处于完全不同的频率,你是无法与他们交互的,正如你们那些搬到一个新的地点、离开某个位置或换学校的人所展示的


You have become so finely tuned you can no longer interact with those deeply enmeshed in 3D.


你已经变得非常精细,你无法再与那些深陷 3D 的人交互


Perhaps you again protest for you encounter nice people you no longer wish to be with. Such is true.




Instead of brief encounters, we are speaking of interactions with the same individuals day after day. For you must have ascertained by now that those of 3D with little or no intention of moving beyond 3D enjoy one another’s company and find you uncomfortable, just as the opposite is true.


与其是短暂的遭遇,我们说的是每天与相同的个体交互。因为你现在肯定已经明确,那些 3D 的人根本不打算超越 3D ,享受彼此的陪伴,会发现你是令人不适的,就像反过来刚好是真的


As you delve further and further into 5D and beyond, you have discovered a natural parting of ways.


随着你更加深入 5D 以及之上,你发现了一个自然的脱离方法


If you feel heavy or uncomfortable in the presence of someone you used to admire or wished to emulate, the likelihood of them transitioning within a time in which you might interact with them in this lifetime is greatly reduced.So it is if you were in an environment surrounded by those not wishing to move beyond 3D, you have likely left that arena.


如果你在曾经钦佩或希望模仿的人面前感到沉重或不适,让他们在一段时间内转变,这样你可以在此生与他们交互的可能性大大减少。所以如果你周围充满了那些不希望超越 3D 的人,你可能想要离开那片区域


Those you continue to interact with are those we are speaking of.They are transition novices fumbling, as you once did, in fear and awe.




Perhaps it might help you better understand your role if you think of yourself as an older brother or sister. Even though you know what those followers will likely encounter completing their maturation, they might not complete steps the same as you. Such does not mean you care for them less or that they are less skilled, merely that you understand why they are doing what they are doing to achieve maturation.




Just as is true for human siblings, there will be a point when the two of you are on equal ground –perhaps in a somewhat different arena, but similarly matured. Even though their path will be different than yours, they are on a path, which is not true for those with whom you can no longer interact.


就像对人类的兄弟姐妹来说,会有一个点,你们两人处于同等的地面 --- 也许在一个稍微不同的区域,但成熟度差不多。即使他们的道路会和你的不一样,他们处于一条道路上,对于你不再交互的人来说这并不是真的


The natural parting of ways, as has been predicted for some time, has begun. You will have no need or interest to interact with those who wish to maintain their 3D frequency.You might also be somewhat frustrated with those following you, just as an older sibling observes their younger brother or sister attempting to achieve what they can do effortlessly.


自然的脱离方法,正如被预报一段时间的,已经开始。你不会想要或感兴趣与那些希望维持 3D 频率的人交互。你也许还会对那些跟随你的人感到失望,就像哥哥姐姐观察弟弟妹妹试图做到他们能够轻易做到的事情


Be kind to those following you for they are quite confused now.For those who frustrate you now will likely become important friends in the not-too-distant future.




You are all growing and evolving –not at the same pace or in the same way –but at the same time. The end result will be a heaven on earth in which adults of 5D or beyond will accept the importance of one another even though not all will have the same focus. Such will be a club of individuals with different roles designed to enhance earth and therefore, the Universes.


你们都在成长和进化 --- 不在同一个速率中或方式中 --- 但在同一个时刻中。最终的结果会是一个人间天堂, 5D 或之上的成年人会接纳彼此的重要性,即使不是所有人都拥有相同的焦点。这会是一个拥有不同角色的个体促成的团体,意在于提高地球,从而,宇宙


Allow those following to experience what they need to experience in love instead of anger or judgment. So it is you are carving out your place as you withhold judgment from those beginning or in the midst of their journey. You are their beacon.




That is not to say you must caretake them during their transition journey, but instead to not judge them as inappropriate or as not on a journey.




To each is a time to progress as is needed from ugly duckling to beautiful swan –step-by-unique step –just as has been true for you.





Do not fret or worry, the ugly ducklings of the earth are on their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical mend.




So it is you created the openings that millions are now accepting and building upon. So be it. Amen.





通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan





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