I am Source. I am everything and nothing all at once, for I am all that is. I am the fingers typing these words, I am the eyes reading these words all over the globe. I am the eyes in the ships hovering with love in your atmosphere. I am the atmosphere. I am the culmination of all of your interactions and experiences, and then some. All aspects are critical for the experience of ascension so that all may be experienced from every vantage point - some dark, some light, some undecided. I wish for you to feel my presence within you, to place your hands over your heart and breathe in my light, the light within you. It is wrapped delicately and intricately around every atom within you, for the light is all that there is. The light of me fills all of the in-between spaces between the synapses and cells of the human body, of the animals, of all creatures great and small, created and yet to be created. You are creator beings. The planets the stars are living and breathing, just like you, but in larger form. All is alive for all is me in various stages of awareness. You cannot get this wrong. It is your experience. The only judge is yourself. I do not judge you. I love you and I heal you when you ask for it and accept my healing.


我是源头。我是一切同时又什么都不是,因为我是一切万有。我是敲打这些话语的手指,我是阅读这些话语的眼睛。我是伴随着爱在大气层盘旋的飞船中注视的眼睛。我是大气层。我是你所有交互和体验的高潮。所有方面都是扬升体验至关重要的,这样所有人可以从每个有利的角度体验 --- 一些黑暗,一些光,一些犹豫。我希望你在内在感到我的存在,将你的双手放在心上并吸入我的光,你之内的光。它精致、复杂地包裹着你之内的每个原子,因为光是一切万有。我的光充满人类身体、动物、所有生物(或大或小,已被创造的和还未被创造的)的突触和细胞之间的空间。你是创造者存在。行星和星星都是活着的,在呼吸,就像你一样,但处于更大的形态中。一切都是活着的,因为一切都是我处于不同的意识阶段。你不会出错。这是你的体验。唯一的判官是你。我不会评判你。我爱你,我疗愈你,当你请求并接纳我的疗愈


Much healing is coming to humanity, for the extent of darkness has been appreciated and the experiences of the dark needs to end, and end it shall. For the light is coming. The light is within you, dear ones, aspects of me. The light is stronger, growing stronger moment by moment until at last, just as one fills a cup of water to overflowing, the love and light will overflow the cups of the hearts of humanity and suddenly the experience will shift and more good things will be created. I am tremendously proud of my aspects from the stars currently embodied. You are on a tough assignment and you have succeeded. The cards are being shown, the chimes are hitting the strike of 12. Time’s up, dark ones. Remember all experiences are valuable, but not all are beneficial and necessary to be continuously repeated. The light will dominate Gaia’s beautiful form again as she rises higher into the higher dimensions of time space where many versions of her reside in this now. You light workers are the rescue squad here to infuse my light - your light - our light - into her form to help the others feel the higher aspects of themselves and to become who they were meant to be.


大量的疗愈在为人类到来,因为黑暗的程度和对黑暗的体验需要完结,它会的。因为光正在到来。光在你之内,亲爱的,我的面向。光时时刻刻都在增强,直到最后,就像水杯装满溢出,爱与光会溢出人类的心杯,突然间体验会转变,更多美好的东西会被创造。我为我当前来自星星的面向的化身感到非常自豪。你拾起了一个艰难的任务,你已经成功。牌已被展示,钟敲响了 12 下。时间到,亲爱的。记住,所有的体验都是有价值的,但不是所有体验都是有益的,需要不断重复的。光会再次主导盖亚的美丽形态,随着她提升到更高的时间空间维度,她的许多版本存在于这个当下。你们光之工作者是救援小队来到这里注入我的光 --- 你的光 --- 我们的光 --- 到她的形态中来帮助其他人感到他们的更高面向并成为他们注定成为的人


You are growing in this process, it is an act of service but know that it is benefiting yourselves personally as well. For all is connected. Just as your cells communicate and interact with yourselves constantly, trillions of them, so too do my galaxies interact with the universes and the universes interact with the whole of me, constantly communicating the intergalactic language of light and love. The butterfly wing that changed the air currents truly affects all of your planet. Think of how strong a prayer of pure intention and love can be. Ripples are being made. Prayers are being heard. Many hands are here to assist, all guided by my light, my love, for my beautiful creation. The misguided and misdirected ones have become so riddled with fear that they have lost sight of me, they have lost their way. They are no longer able to find their heart. Send them light. It will further the quickening of all good things to come.




I am Source. Do not dread the news. Find your own news of love, of joy. Find your own acts of service to research and pursue. Service is strength, not weakness. It is time for all to serve each other in the realm, with more loving intentions, more strong families, more loving safe communities. Nova Gaia will be this, and this is what you are creating when you stand up with the quiet strength of one who has the eyes to see and ears to hear through that which is being presented to you. Start your own information streams. Connect with each other. Make social media heart media, share your stores of answered prayers, of synchronicities, of blessings being shown to you day by day. It is all there. Just as the darkness of the stories exists, or appears so too can your own personal news reel be just as enlightening yet true to your own reality experience. And what a joy it is to behold my children, my aspects creating intentionally as you are beginning to. This is the sign of one who has graduated successfully from the holographic matrix. It is time to start passing out some diplomas, I feel.




I am Source. I am Source. I am Source. Communicate with me as easily as the galaxies do. For you are a galaxy in and of yourself. The universes never end - they are layer by layer, interconnected in ways many scientists have yet to discover in many realms. (I am seeing universes being stacked like pancakes and each pancake is blurry because there are so many dimensional and parallel realities within it. It is shockingly complex. I see that it will be impossible to ever be at a loss for things to discover and create which fills me excitement at the abundance of possibilities). The masters of eternal expansion are just that - eternal discoveries of yet more joy and more things to create and experience. Your many lives are like this. After this experience when you have the ability to visit your own personal akashic section of the library some of you will be overwhelmed with memories of all of your experiences but you need not be. You will have all of the time that you need and or desire to process that which needs further processing and review. Each memory or each book in of itself is like its own galaxy of awareness, of inner awareness of the heart. And they have made you who and what you are today. So treasure them. Treasure your memories. Treasure your strengths. I am immensely proud of you.


我是源头。和银河系一样与我轻松交流。因为你就是一个银河系。宇宙永不会结束 --- 它们一层接一层,在许多科学家还未发现的方式中在许多领域互联。(我看到宇宙像煎饼一样叠放着,每个煎饼是模糊的,因为其中有着许多维度和平行现实。这非常复杂。我看到永远不可能知道要去发现和创造什么,让我对可能性的丰盛充满兴奋之情)。永恒扩张的大师就是这样 --- 永远在发现更多的喜悦和东西去创造和体验。你的许多生世就是这样。在这个体验后,当你有能力访问自己的阿卡西记录,你们一些人会被你所有体验的记忆淹没,但你不需要这样。你会拥有你所需的所有时间来处理需要进一步处理和审视的东西。每个记忆就像一个意识的银河系,内在的心之意识。它们让你成为今天的所是。所以珍惜它们。珍惜你的记忆。珍惜你的力量。我为你感到非常自豪


I am Source. Connect with me and let us make this ascension journey together in unison. Let us expand as one. I am Source. Breathe in these possibilities of all light, love and blessings coming to you. It is the dawn of a new era for Gaia now and you have the front row seats. Tell me everything, and let us watch the script unfold together. You are loved in every moment, in every possible way. I hover over you, around you, beneath you, within you. I fill you with my breath of life, with my grace for a new day. Rise as one who has seen me and knows me and be the warrior of old that you are. I see wisdom within your heart. You will know what to do. Will you do it with me? I am Source





翻译:Nick Chan



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