The world changes as you change



Allow your physical world time to catch up with the new you that has been emerging through all the work you have been doing to expand your light and power.It is the densest or all your bodies and therefore takes the most time to see the results of the new energy that you have been utilizing.Have patience with the process of awakening.This movement ushers in positive new energy.You a powerful being of light.We are so happy to watch you step up and take your place.



Be ready for adventurelight and laughter and expect more of the same to come to you.Your angel guidance is to remember that you have made tremendous progress and any efforts to do things differently brings you different results.Do things that are different and face life with a sense of wonder and awe.The angels are inspiring you to move forward with anticipationexpectancy and most of allhope in your heart for the bright new world that is emerging.



Affirmation: "I face the future with enthusiasmanticipation and excitement as there is so much more to discover about my lifethe Universe and everythingevery day."



And so it is



You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides




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