We understand as human beings that you seek to find labels or rules to help you feel there is predictability, and thus a sense of safety, in the unfoldment of the times you are in.But the universe never stops expanding, and thus, you will never experience only one specific energy for a long period of time. That immovability would be contrary to what both you and the universe are designed to do.




Dear Ones, there will always be ebb and flow. There will be integration and release. There will be night and day, in breath and out breath, rest and movement. There will be times when the divine masculine is the focus, and other times when the divine feminine will be the focus. There will be times when you are resting and times when you are going through rapid acceleration.




The beauty about all of this is that it is all designed to move you forward with the most ease and comfort possible. The energies are customized to provide you exactly what you need at any given time. As you come to embrace this new way of looking at things, you will find a sense of safety in the divine intelligence of it all, and the fact that you both assist the shift and benefit from it. You will be able to settle into a deep faith and trust, acceptance and allowing, and harness exactly whatever is being energetically supported knowing that it is always, always for your highest good and the highest good of all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan




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