Nothing is more powerful than the present moment of now. This is where magic is allowed to flow into our lives. The magic only comes in with a clear mind and surrendering into the unknown. The EGO programmed mind, has needs and wants and is designed to keep us enslaved in an endless loop of thoughts. This over thinking literally causes separation from our divinity, God within. Over thinking the past or future are ways the EGO mind keeps us from our connection to Source Creator. Time has run out for the EGO and humanity is being pushed to make a choice in love or fear. Humanity is experiencing a grand awakening; this is the time of ancient prophecies coming true. The global events and environmental changes are shaking people up. Pushing them past their comfort zones, now is the time to chose the higher road, to put into practice your spiritual disciplines the EGO programmed mind is done. Chose love and flow with the energies and experience this ascension in a glorious harmonious way or chose fear and have it spin you out and parish from non-resonance.




There is no time to go backwards. All evil doers have been sent to the Galactic Central Sun for recycling. Although, it may seem like we sometimes take two steps forward, then one step back, all lessons are blessings on our journey back home. The secret is remaining in states of joy and laughter. Even when things get rough and tough you detach from the negative emotions and laugh at yourself. Only the EGO takes it personal.




Now that Mother God and Father God have reunited on the planet after 19 Billion years of separation. Mother Earth is now experiencing balanced harmonics for the first time ever, this is the grandest event in creation. This is huge, so grand that humanity can’t even comprehend. Mother was first to break out of this control matrix and now that Father has returned home, the power couple will fulfill its goal. This is the event we have all been waiting for. The Wonder Twins have returned to create heaven on earth, this unprecedented event’s energetic charge will then trickle down to humanity. Resistance to this energy is futile, and the remaining minions of the cabal are quickly spinning out of existence or have chosen Love and are now serving the light.


现在母神和父神已经在地球上重聚,在 190 亿年的分离后。地球母亲有史以来第一次体验着平衡的谐波,这是造物中最宏大的事件。它是巨大的,如此地宏大,人类甚至都无法理解。母亲是第一个突破这个控制矩阵的存在,现在父亲也已经回家,强大的夫妇会实现他们的目标。这是我们一直在等待的事件。惊奇双胞胎已经返回来创造人间天堂,这个空前绝后事件的能量充能会随之渗透到人类之中。抗拒这个能量是没用的,陰谋集团剩余的奴才正快速旋转消失或者选择了爱,正服务于光。


Humanity it is time to jump on the grateful wagon. The old world is dying and you don’t want to be left behind. Pack your bags and move to “Grateful-Land.” Let go of all attachments and belief systems. Harness the bliss in your heart, for the lies are over, fear is gone and only joy remains. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Don’t attach to an old paradigm, 3d linear thinking, for the event also is within you. You must dial yourself in to these frequencies and become the light your truly are. Love has won!


人类,是时候去跳上宜人的马车。旧世界正在消亡,你不会想要被落下。收拾行李,前往“宜人之地”。放下所有的依附和信仰体系。驾驭心中的祝福,因为谎言已经结束,恐惧已经消失,只有喜悦存留。我们就是我们一直在等待的人。不要依附于旧的方式, 3D 的线性思维,因为事件也在你之内。你必须与这些频率对齐,成为你真正所是的光。爱胜利了!


翻译:Nick Chan





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