Human beings are experiencing depression and anxiety in record numbers.Have you noticed how accelerated energies seem to worsen that condition in people? Let us explain why.




Depressionsimply putin the vast majority of casesis a result of resistance to the flow.When you are in times of accelerationthe symptoms become exacerbated due to the increased resistance to the accelerated flow.




Anxietyin the vast majority of casescomes from being in accelerated flow without faith.As the energies speed upso do the symptoms of anxiety.




The solution? Surrender is the antidote for depressionfor it gets you moving with the energiesand provides all the energetic support required to create the movement and comfort the soul is seeking.Surrendering into the flow with faith and trust is the antidote for anxietystilling yourself enough to feel all the love and support from Sourceyour guideshelpers and highest selfthat is alwaysalways present for you at all times.




Staying in a surrendered state of flowwatching for the signs and synchronicities that are the signs of the love and support that exist for youis a healing stream that will create the comfortjoyeasepeace and contentment you crave and deserveduring these miraculous times on your planet.

~Archangel Gabriel







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