new pleiadian light force ‘operation freedom earth’ is now underway has been deployed on the ground! pleiadian light forces from the sky to the ground are completely dismantling the old harmful 3d control matrix!




phase one of this mission is to deal with the financial bondage system!




all other matrix pillars are going to be phased out as well over the coming weeks! we will bring you intel on these other phases as they are implemented!




project freedom earth mission goal:




to completely phase out the archon-based fiat-debt-based-slavery-matrix-economic-system and replace it with a divine resource based new earth abundance system where all beings have resources!




global financial markets are crashing all around us right now and intel says it will not recover this time!




dear ones, do not fear this at all because light forces on the ground have a ready to go new earth 5d system that will phase in without issue and everything will be totally ok as this whole thing gives way!




light forces leading project freedom earth on this ground mission say they are going to tank this whole system of financial bondage in exactly 13 days and replace it with an amazing new 5d system!




i asked how this all would work this was the reply:




this debt-based earth system is simply based on it’s participant’s faith in it” “they said the graph line on your earth financial markets is called the line of faith!”




they said: “starting now, 4.5 billion light beings here on earth will stop having faith in this harmful lack system and this energy will move into that system over the next two weeks totally transmuting it!” they said, “we gave you a boost of ‘lack of faith’ which will cause this whole system to deflate and stop having power over the beautiful beings here on the planet now.”




further, they said, “you divine ones are now the majority on planet earth and your energy dominates this realm completely now so what would you like to see show up in your world?




this is one of the large mission phases to finalize the event and the close of this mission coincides with a grand wave of light that will pour through the 1221 gateway!




this incredible wave of light that will impact the earth on 12212018 is called the great kali yuga and will totally transform this realm to a completely new beautiful dimensional level.




you will still get to be your wonderful self and enjoy all the things you love the most on this new version of the planet. the good things you love to experience no matter what they are will be even better than they have been on old earth!




4.5 light beings on earth are walking across the great rainbow bridge right now into this new earth and new heaven!




star guides say, “the old world must energetically pass away and give way to the new one and it’s going to happen super fast now!”




more intel is coming over the next 24 hours by global media outlets and this great news will be the viral story by monday morning!




a wave of freedom that has not been seen is coming to planet earth and will be broadcast even across the main-stream airwaves so lets all breathe and be standing by as humanity calls on us to guide them into this new world!




the transition has begun!








通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan




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