Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective. Many eons ago we, along with numerous others, were involved in the seeding of your beautiful planet. It is a natural extension of the creator within us to further expand, to create, to participate in the birthing process. And as such, many of you have a blending of our Pleiadian DNA, as well as other races of the stars who gifted you with their DNA, aspects of themselves, that would later on lead to your further awakening. This friends, is that “later on”. Things are becoming more easily accessible to you, are they not? For it is true, it is because you are expanding into yourselves, into that once dormant part of you that is now slowly but surely coming online. It is an exciting time for us to witness these advancements to be sure, for they - you - are an unfolding of an ancient dream of love, of birth, of renewal and of expansion. We are experiencing our eyes brimming over with tears as we remember, and as we witness your re-remembering. For you used to remember. You used to know us. In days of Lumeria, and in the secret ancient teachings since, we were known. Our higher vibrational and ascension teachings were commonly learned in secret, in communities such as the Essenes where Yeshua anchored the Christed light along with his followers, friends, and family.




There is much to understand, to learn, to revisit. And yet, there is much to move forward as well. There is no true looking back, except to acquire wisdom and knowledge. But remember we are co-creating together with you a new world, a new place, a dimensional reality where the 5D dimensional realities await, of love, of renewal and eternal joy, will be the reality. And so naturally those that do not vibrate or accept this as their reality will be shaken away. Pay them no heed for they have chosen their path. Just as you beloved friends, are choosing your path and what a delightfully arduous one it has been, has it not? Think of how you have grown! Of all you have learned! We see many sparkling treasures in your crowns. Experiences are these gems earned and believe us you will be most grateful for them. For awakenings are not easy to come by. Plunging down into the murky depths of suffocating energies and then trying to remember where you were is no easy feat. Listen to the still small voice within. It is a whispering of your true self, of your family perhaps if you have already connected, it is the whisperings of love, of truth, of home, of your true home. And friends you are coming home. For you already are home, as Source likes to say - a hard lesson when you are immersed in the yuck of 3D. But truly your heart is a portal to the higher dimensional realities and meditation is the doorway unto them. And so, use your gift (of meditation). Use your gifting and much more will be unlocked as this is the time of your self discovery, of your own inner revelations. For truly much is being revealed in this most glorious now and we are most eager to connect.





We are the Arcturian Collective joining up with the Pleiadian Collective. Much cooperation is needed amidst societies in the higher dimensional realities just as to be shortly manifested within that of your own. We Arcturians deeply love and enjoy our galactic friends and neighbors, for we are all one and we work this way in ease, in union and harmony. Such will be the norm - yes it is true!- and we greatly look forward to seeing how you, our most creative and emotionally expansive humanity, will accomplish this. For truly, you have outshone us all in your grit and sheer determination. For the cards were so horrifically stacked against you, and yet, you have chosen love and you have chosen to wait for the majority of you to be ready to experience it as one collective unit. This is a marvel and it brings tears to our eyes. Hats off to you humanity, lightworkers. We are always here for you. Again, our ships, our healing pods / chambers are always open and we are ready to assist your transition from where you are into where you will be. We are the Arcturian Collective.





翻译:Nick Chan





【昴宿星集体】《地球正在改变 》







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