Dear Ones, do you know that the incredible amount of work you have done on your own evolutionary path has been preparing you to step forward and allow your own truth to shine forth? You have, in effect, scrubbed yourselves clean from the inside out in order to show up in the world in ways that reflected your own truth, transparency, and integrity. You have discovered your own unique and divine importance and are now allowing that part of you to lead the way by walking your talk and being the teachers by example.




Why this is such a profound shift is because it indicates not only coming to some level of self acceptance, but also finally allowing others to see who you really are. This does not necessarily mean that you have perfected yourself by holding yourself up to some unattainable standard, but rather by embracing your own version of divine perfection that is uniquely you and continuing to grow and evolve in your own authentic way.




This acceptance of self is a profound act of unconditional love for self, which also, through showing up in your authenticity, allows others the opportunity to love you unconditionally, as well. It creates connection points between you and others as you acknowledge each other’s evolutionary processes and self expression. It anchors respecting, honouring, and accepting the incredibly beautiful diversity that is you showing up as individuated aspects of Source energy.




All of these shifts will facilitate the reexamination of what power really is, and isn’t, and will create the foundational templates for peace on earth. What remarkable times you are in and none of it could happen without you, the noble pioneers and stewards of the new earth you are creating. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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