原创 2017-12-19 萨南达 新纪元扬升之光

Sananda via AnnDahlberg, September 17th, 2017




I amSananda and I have come today to tell you a story. One day a very long time agoI sat underneath a tree and talked to my apostles. I was telling them about theorigin of life and that everything is coming from our Father/Mother God andthat we were created by him. I said we are co-creators of our own lives. One ofthe apostles then said – Is not everything already predetermined? I said wehave free will on Earth and even if our intentions are to create a pre-destinedfate on Earth it is not for sure that it will turn out that way. Together withyour guides you have decided to obtain a certain experience on Earth, but onceyou come down you have forgotten whom you are and what you are supposed to bedoing. – How am I then going to complete my contract another apostle iswondering? I looked at him and answered – By being in your heart. Your heartshows which path you should follow. If you have already closed your heart thepath might be difficult, but you will always have the Angels with you who aretrying to open it up again. Sometimes the road is so difficult that they arehaving difficulties to get through, but they never give up hope for your soul.You always have the opportunity to open up your heart and heal your wounds.They thought about this for a moment and then wondered if it was possible to returnto God if you were a lost being who was driven by evil intent. I answered thatwe all have been driven by evil intent, but we have all tried to improve and tostart our journey to seek God. We have asked for forgiveness and we have askedfor help to walk a lighter and better path – Blessed are the penitent as theycan again find their God and their love in their heart. An open heart is aloving heart. They looked suspiciously at me and wondered how a wicked personcould become benevolent again. I understood their thoughts and I said that if aperson is showered with love a small light might appear. This light can becomelarger and stronger and gradually it can open up your heart so that eventuallysome light might leak out into the world. Many wonders might happen, but thewonder of love is the largest of all wonders. I smiled towards them and said –Give your heart nourishment, let a large fire burn in your heart and you willbecome one of God’s servants of light. God is love and in your heart there is alight of this love. – Does everybody have this light in their heart one apostlewondered? Yes, everybody has a light. Some care for it and add fuel to the fireand other forget their heart and maybe there is only some glowing pieces leftfrom the large fire that once burned there. The glow can however never beextinguished. It is part of your life here on Earth. Your positive andbenevolent thoughts and deeds contribute to keeping the fire within you alive.Your evil thoughts and deeds diminish the fire and make it less alive.




Enjoy lifedear apostles, enjoy life, laugh and be happy, as it is then that you spreadyour rays of love that can heal both yourselves and others that you encounteron the way. Listen to your heart and be in your own truth. The sword stands forthe truth and splits darkness and lies. It is the sword of light that youshould hold in your hand – The sword that stands for truth, love and light. Itlights up the dark and reveals what lies hidden their. Nothing can remainhidden to the light my dear apostles. When the light is lit all over the Earththe dark will flee in all directions in order to try to find some hideout wherethey can remain hidden. When the light has ignited enough hearts the dark canno longer remain. It is then that Earth is reborn to a light being in serviceto God. – When will this happen they wondered and looked expectantly towardsme? I smiled and said – The time is always now my dearfriends, the time is always now and with this I left them to think about what Ihad said.




The timeis now my dear brothers and sisters. The time is now to throw some firewood onto the fire. The light has returned and it beams down from Heaven down to you.Mother Earth shines from inside and your radiance becomes broader and larger.




I love youJesus (Sananda)







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