原创 2017-12-20 萨南达 新纪元扬升之光

Sananda viaGalaxygirl, December 18th, 2017




It is I,Sananda! I greet you with a hearty hug and am telling you that all is welltonight, dear friends. All is well, and all is going to be well. For I seesplendor and a glorious timeline projecting here, from the New Jerusalem, whereI am currently standing on the bridge, and the view is most stunning. For Gaia,in all of her beauty, is shining like a star in her own right, full of lightand love and tremendous hope. For all is indeed coming into fruition now, inthis very moment of Now, and it is tremendously exciting! Think of all of youraccomplishments and advancements in this lifetime- it is truly staggering –monumental even, and you’re still going strong.





I want totalk with you mighty ones tonight of manifestation, a touchy subject and atopic of great interest of late. I say touchy, because people wonder why theydon’t have this or that when they have been focusing on “it.” Yet, I tell youthis is changing. The thick crust of 3D that slowed everything down so thatalthough you were creating your experiences you couldn’t hardly figure it outbecause of the great lag time – this is changing and changing fast. I chargeyou, creative ones, please be careful – thoughtful- of what you say and think.For you are more rapidly creating now, and as you approach 5D this becomesinstantaneous.


You mustlearn to truly master the fleeting thoughts and command them to do as you wish,not as they wish. Thoughts are like bugs flying around – they are not allyours, but if you focus on them they can stop, and land on you, and sit on youso long you forget they were not your own. It is best to avoid this, now thatyou understand how this works. Instead, create with love, with purity ofintention, which the desire to help and heal and in turn you will provide thatenergetic vibration of help, hope and healing to others, and they were be greatlybenefited by you just being there.






Greatupheaval is coming, friends. And you are ready for it. Stand firm in love! Inlight! In purity! In hope! I charge you to be that which you came to be andpromised that you would be before you came. I see many of you already doingthis, and doing it splendidly. All is well. The dark is cornered. The light isadvancing and truly all is well.


Talk withme. Let me give you a tour of my ship and I’m sure you will find yourself rightat home amidst friends and family of days past. For we are all longing to bereunited with you, friends. You are our heroes, our hope for Gaia’s futureglorious timeline. We salute you and draw you eve closer to the surroundinglove of 5D and welcome you home with open arms.







Breathe inpeace and let it support you, always. Become aligned with unconditional loveand it will always support you. It is your greatest strength and strongestweapon, love. Love fiercely. Be strong. It is not much longer now.


Call on meas often as you wish – I am here for you. We are doing it, together, as onehuge family of light. Be encouraged! Be at peace. I love you. I am your Sananda.Love has won. Love has won!








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