Dear children of Earth, of ascending Gaia, hear me. I am your Mother Sekmet. Much has been written of me but eroded away through the sands of your time and history editions. It matters not. My message tonight, today, for you dear ones, is that of hope and finding your own inner strength, for this is currently a stumbling block for many who are unsure of how to begin, of how to proceed, of who they are. The amnesia has gone deep with many of you and it is time to wake up from the trance of forgetfulness! Listen to me roaring and stand at attention, for these are hard truths that must be heard, and understood, carried deeply into the most tender, and often forgotten, innermost places of you.


亲爱的地球之子,正在扬升的盖亚之子,请听我说。我是Mother Sekhmet。有许多东西记述了我,但经由时间之沙和历史的编辑被侵蚀。这并不重要。我今晚,今天的信息,是希望,找到你内在的力量,因为这是现在对于许多不知道如何开始,如何继续,自己是谁的人来说一个绊脚石。遗忘是根深蒂固的,是时候从遗忘的恍惚中醒来!聆听我的呼喊,立正,因为这些是艰难的真理,必须被听到和理解,携带到最温柔,经常遗忘的,你内在的最深处。


Know deep in your heart of hearts how much you are loved and appreciated for your acts of service in this moment of planetary ascension. I am your Mother Sekmet. It is true, I am often silent, watching the progress of humanity as time floats – drifts by – but it is my time to speak now, as is yours, Humanity. It is time to rise up and to speak your truth! Of what are you so afraid? And why are you afraid of it? Of anything? Don’t you know who you are? You are gods and goddesses truly, as Zorra has said over and over again, and it is most true. You are made of starlight, of God’s light and you are becoming aware of this Now, we can see from the slightly higher up dimensions. I only say the word “slightly” because your are rapidly rising and accelerating in your own individual and planetary vibrations.


在你内心深处知晓你是多么地被爱和感激,为你在地球扬升的此刻所做的服务。我是Mother Sekmet.。确实,我经常是沉默的,看着人类的进展,随着时间漂浮---推移---但现在是我说话的时刻,正如是你的,人类。是时候站起来,述说你的真理!你害怕什么?为什么害怕它?你不知道你是谁吗?你是神和女神,正如Zorra再三说的,这是真的。你是星星之光,神之光创造的,你正在意识到这一点,我们可以从稍高点的维度看到。我只说“稍微”,因为你在快速提升和加速个体与行星的振动


I understand solitude and fear, for solitude has been a large part of my experience and my contribution to the All. In our solitary moments we find and face our deepest fears, do we not? We find that which we dislike in our inner most being and we either feed it or we change it. I see you facing the darker pieces of you and shining light and love on them. For many, this is the most terrifying moment for them, but can you see it is truly an illusion of their own creation? This is the moment that Humanity finds itself and it pleases me greatly that you are finding the strength within yourselves to rise above these fears of illusory mirages of your own making, and stand up in your own power. Find your lion’s roar and rise up, mane afire and hearts ablaze with love, only love, with the intention to never again create anything less than love – for anything else is an abomination to the All.




God is love. Source light is within you. It is within your cells spinning around like whirling light of love and ecstasy. Are you listening within for your own God roar or are you still waiting for something big to happen? You, my dear children, are what is happening, as you say! We “up here” are observing and wondering when you are going to acknowledge this and begin to roar, begin to make the changes that need to be made, money or not, and extend your hands in loving service to others, for in so doing you are healed as you serve. It has always been thus, but this universal truth, like many others, has been twisted, maligned and it’s true meaning buried. It is time for truths to rise up and rise out of your mouths as you begin to speak for those who have not found their own voice, and rise up for love’s sake, and be love embodied. For this was the original intent of creation: love in form, creating, serving, loving, procreating.




So I charge you with this dear children of Earth; you are no longer lost. The finding is within you. It is time to unwrap this Christmas present of universal truth that you are who you have been waiting for, and you are loved beyond your current imaginings and comprehension. When you realize this fully, your world will change for your societies will respond only to love and service of the All.




You are not alone. Remember I am with you. I will be you companion for I am well acquainted with the dark night of the soul. When you face it, you become stronger. I am your Mother Sekmet. I see you as strong beings of creative potential, and I view you through the eyes of love.


你不孤单。记住我和你在一起。我会陪伴你,因为我很熟悉灵魂的暗夜。当你面对它,你变得更强大。我是Mother Sekmet。我视你为强大的创造性存在,我通过爱的眼睛看待你


Mother Sekhmet 1217日《你是强大的创造性存在》


翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o62b732rD0c


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